Box of Socks 2021

by Isabella

Posted on January 28, 2022

All the sock talk: all the socks I knit, things I learned, tools I love…in 2021.

You can check out the video that goes along with this posts to see all the pretty socky things!

Here’s all the socks – and patterns and yarns, where applicable, that I knit in 2021:

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1.BONFIRE SOCKS, by Potter & Bloom (FREE pattern!): Paton’s Kroy FX in “Clover Colors” and Paton’s Kroy “Flax” (definitely my most used sock yarn!)

2. “Kettle Corn Socks” (no pattern): Laine and Lotus “Meteor Shower” and “Salted Caramel” (colors not currently available!)

3. Scrappy Vanilla Socks (no pattern): gray: Paton’s Kroy “Flax” and stripes all in scraps, a lot of which were Meg’s and Co Yarn from our Hope and a Future Wrap collab

4. Tessellar Socks by Ewe Knit Toronto (FREE pattern!): Paton’s Kroy “Coal” and Premier Serenity Sock in “Chilli”

5. Scrappy Happy Socks (no pattern): Laine and Lotus “Meteor Shower,” Fiber for the People “Seagull” and A Chick That Knitz “Dijon Mustard”

6. More Scrappy Socks (no pattern): Megs and Co Yarn “I Could Live in Hope” (color currently unavailable) and my own naturally hand-dyed avocado yarn

7. Thicker Vanilla Socks (no pattern): Paton’s Kroy “Coal” and Schoppel Ambiente in color 2320

8.& 9. Mama and Me sock set (no pattern): Paton’s Kroy “Blue Striped Ragg” and West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply in “Cardamom”

10. Zig Zaggy Socks by Pottern and Bloom: West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4-ply in “Cardamom” and Knits4Comfort “Fireside Cider and Spice”

11. Toddler Vanilla Snow Boot socks (no pattern): Paton’s Kroy “Mulbery Stripes”

12. Wild Stripes Slip Stitch Socks (no pattern): Paton’s Kroy “Mexicala Stripes” and “Flax”

13. Broken Rib Extra Long Boot Socks (my favorite of the year!): Paton’s Kroy in “Grey Marl” and “Flax”

14. Potter and Bloom 24 Days Socks: all manner of scrappy yarns and, you guessed it, Paton’s Kroy “Flax”

15. 1/2 pair of Rainbow Slip Stitch Knee Socks (no pattern): White Birch Fibers Arts “Does this rainbow make my black look big”

Sock tools I love:

Chiagoo 9″ needles: US1/2.25mm , US 2/2.75 mm

Hiya Hiya Flyers: (aka, my all time favorite sock recommendation!) US 0/2mm , US1/2.25mm , US 1.5/2.5mm , US 2/2.75mm (& a Crazy Sock Lady tutorial on how to knit socks with them!)

Laser Cut Wooden Sock Blockers:

My favorite stitch markers: 1,000 Rainbow light bulb stitch markers

Sock storage: *similar* to what I have!

How to wash your handmade socks: Sock wool wash , how to wet block handknit/crochet items.

Learn to knit socks!

Earthtones Girl (No Fear Sock Knitting Class)

The Crazy Sock Lady

Knitty Natty

Or CROCHET socks!

Rohn Strong


Other mentions:

Weaving in ends as you go:

Hey Brown Berry Jogless Stripes/ no ends to weave in!

Steven West Weavin’ Steven no ends to weave in!

Knitty Natty Weaving in ends as you go!

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