Pattern Drop: Hope & A Future Wrap

by Isabella

Posted on March 12, 2021

I am thrilled beyond thrilled to finally have this beauty out into the world! At long last, the HOPE & A FUTURE WRAP IS HERE!

You can now find the Hope & A Future Wrap pattern PDF in my RAVELRY and ETSY SHOPS!

If you’d like to hear me chat about this design, everything you will need to make it, and the inspiration that went into it


The Collaboration: It has been a joy collaborating with Meg of Meg’s & Co – and we have had this one in the works for 8+ months (so basically, this is my 2nd child). Meg has been so accommodating, encouraging and patient throughout this whole process and I am so grateful for this opportunity to work along with her on this design! You can learn more about Meg here!

The Inspiration: Out of all the things I have ever created, this one definitely holds the most meaning for me and I hope that that resonates with you too! The idea for the Hope & A Future Wrap had been rolling around in my head since early 2020 (ya know, that year). At the time it was shaping up to be a rough one for all of us, and I found myself daily clinging to my faith and HOPE with all I had. The name for the wrap is pulled from the Bible, Jeremiah 29: 11: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

This wrap was birthed out of 2020, as I was clinging to promises of God in the midst of a lot of darkness, wanting to literally wrap myself in hope. Besides being a beautiful bunch of yarn, there is a lot of symbolism in this design, and when I reached out to Meg in the summer I had a very specific vision in mind- and she delivered big time!

The two main colors of deep gray and black represent that darkness, the hopelessness the world was (is) feeling. The pops of rainbow remind me of that promise of a HOPE and FUTURE, even when everything looks really dark.

I wanted a chevron-like stitch to represent highs and low, hills and valleys, ups and downs- and choosing to find value and purpose in the story that was being created in my life, even in low points.

And lastly, the laceyness of the stitch was selected because when you are making lace and looking at it up close, it kinda looks like a mess. Just a bunch of chaos and holes. But when you step back and get a view of the finished “story,” there was beauty there all along.

The Yarn: Meg has released 2 versions of the Hope & A Future Wrap kit, but if you aren’t planning on using her yarn (which I do most highly recommend!!) this pattern calls for two full 460y/100g skeins of fingering weight/sock/1 yarns (I used Gray & Black) and seven 90y/20g mini skeins (Rainbow colors) in fingering weight. The yardages include the tassels/fringe as well! The pattern also includes a coloring sheet to plot out your colors, if you want to go for something other than the grays and rainbows! Choose colors that give you joy and remind you to cling to hope!

What’s Included: with the purchase of the Hope & A Future Wrap Pattern you will get not only the fully written (tested, and tech edited) pattern PDF to walk you through making your wrap, but a lot of additional helps along the way! There is a private video tutorial on working the zig-zag-like, lacey stitch motif used in the pattern, also with tips on gauging. There’s also links to additional video tutorials on wet-blocking, adding your project to Ravelry, and making the tassels! The stitch motif is also charted, if you fancy a stitch chart for a visual. And I already mentioned the coloring sheet, but there are also helpful coloring spots throughout the pattern, if you’re like me and forget which color you decided was color D and which was color B (I am into visuals, can you tell!?). You’ll find lots of photos sprinkled throughout too!

The Testers: Now for a little tester inspiration- they really all blew me away on this one!

First off, Meg of Megs & Co – the dyer behind this collaboration (check out our interview here!)– did a slightly different take on the gray and rainbow color scheme, with some brighter pops and a lighter gray instead of the black. I love how springy hers looks! And I am super jealous that she went for rainbow tassels. The pattern includes the color sequence that I used to make my tassels, but each of the testers took the tassels and made them their own!

Dana of @bluedaffodilcrafts purchased the same kit as I had used from Meg, but she again made it her own. She did long tassels with an almost macramé type feel and I AM OBSESSED. Like, I want to destroy any tassel/fringe I’ve ever made and remake them as this. Because…wow!

Carrie of @carrieperlf also used the same colors as I did, but she added in a light gray as well with special personal meaning to her. She also used the ROYGBIV colors “out out of order” for a less obvious rainbow look! I love watching other creatives take my patterns and put their own special spins on them!

Susie of @finishedobject did some stash diving and made it completely her own with these beautiful, rich jewel tones. I am especially loving that rusty orange!

Courtney of @shea_crochet opted to use some of her collection of commercially available Loop & Threads Woolike yarn, making this design totally accessibly if indie dyed isn’t in the budget for this project! I love having testers using a variety of yarns to inspire you!

And lastly, Mary-Lynn of @whollyhooked is from the UK, so Meg’s yarn wouldn’t have made sense for her to use for this project, but she assembled her own selection of colors with a beautiful springtime vibe!

For more on any of the testers Hope & A Future Wraps, and any future versions, check out the projects section on Ravelry!

Thank you for the love and support you have already shown this design– I am SO GLAD to finally have it out into the world! As you are working on it and wrapping yourself up in hope with every stitch, don’t forget to tag me on instagram and use #hopeandafuturewrap so we can all marvel at your lovely wrap along with you! Happy – AND HOPEFUL- making, my friends!

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