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Posted on August 7, 2020

We are going to be doing a bit of renovation over here and redoing both mine and my husband’s office spaces over the next couple months, so that means I need to do some packing up to get my yarn room ready for the over haul. I thought it would be fun to take you on a little tour of the yarns I currently have in my stash before I hide it all away!

I always love taking a peek into other people’s stashes and craft spaces – it’s so inspiring and I always end up finding new yarns and dyers to love! I hope my lil’ stash can give you a little inspo too!

I definitely have a SMALL yarn stash in comparison to some (most?). I’ve got a blend of box store yarns, special hand dyed skeins, and lot of left over scraps. I can’t say I’m quite a minimalist (yet!) but I definitely like to keep a small, functional stash. In general, I’m a thrifty, money conscious lady and hoards of unused yarn stresses me out. I don’t like excess! What I do have I try and have a purpose for, be it a design or a “selfish” project. With all that being said, let me show you what I’ve got!

If you’d like to go on a more thorough walk through with me, I’ve got a little video talking you through all the yarny goodness! But I’ll give you a little recap here too! If you’d like to see/read my full yarn room tour from earlier in the year, you can watch it over on my channel, or read it here!

I’ve got a bit of Lion Brand Color Made Easy (*affiliate link) left over from last year’s market season (RIP market season 2020, thanks ‘Rona.) I had stocked up on all the jewely tones in that line and made the bulk of my market items out of that yarn (Puff and Pom Beanies and Infinity and Beyond Scarves are always best sellers!). While I don’t use bulky weight much outside of market makes, Color Made Easy is PERFECT for quick, colorful, durable projects to sell or give as gifts!

And while it might not reflect in pictures here, cause I tend to buy specifically for a project when I need it and use it up right away, I do use lots of box store type yarns too! I just don’t typically buy them unless I have an immediate need! But every yarn has a place and a purpose! I do however love encouraging Crocheters to use hand dyed yarns too, when the project and budget allows!

I’ve got a TON of acrylic, mostly worsted weight, scraps I am trying to get through. The bulk of this is left over from back in the day when I was mainly selling amigurumi and children’s hats. I’m down to 3 drawers instead of 5, so progess is being made! I’ve donated a whole bunch, but a lot of this is getting used up in my rainbow Lock Down Blanket!

I have a small basket of bulky wool blends, most of which are going into winter wear for the lil lady and a basket of cotton/bamboo blends.

I can never part with a hand dyed scrap, no matter how tiny. THEY ARE TOO PRECIOUS. Most of them are fingering weight and will get worked into scrappy socks!

I have a cake stand (literally, yarn cakes…) I keep on my desk of all my larger hand dyed/fingering weight scraps. Again. Too precious to let any of it go. Plus I love a scrappy project.

The bottom tier of the cake stand is currently housing my left overs from my last couple summer weight designs and projects: cottons, linens and the like.

This line up is going to become my Le Pouf Sweater once the weather cools down. It’s a marled/faded beauty with some giant puff sleeves. I cannot wait to have these yarns in my life in sweater form! The end two dyers – Laine and Lotus and Silver Key Stitches– are local to me (I’ve got an interview with Jen of Laine and Lotus you can check out here!). And the middle 4 were a gift from my mother in law from WIP Yarns. Aren’t they all glorious together!?

These 3 one of a kind (“Lucky Strike”) beauties are from my favorite: Fiber for the People. While I don’t 100% have it planned out yet, I do know these lovelies are going to be a shawl design, hopefully this fall!

Another batch for a fall/winter design are these woolly little minis from Maruma Yarns. I haven’t decided if I’m using the whole bunch of them, or just the rainbow spectrum, but planning on a herringbone cowl design once it gets chilly enough for woolly wools! I have to say, that ROY G BIV palette is pretty much my PERFECT saturated jewel tone color scheme.

These babies are whats left of last fall’s natural dyeing adventures. The pink is from avocado skins/pits (currently working into a Topaz Cardigan for my daughter), the brown is from coffee and the yellow is from tumeric. I haven’t decided what to do with the brown and yellow, or if I will be doing more natural dyeing, but it was so fun to play around with plants and foods to make pretty yarn!

These are the woolliest of my collection. I am a very sensitive skinned person and while I LOVE the look of these two, I haven’t figured out how to incorporate them into something that will be functional for me. The green was an impulse birthday buy from Madd Fuzzy when we went to the Boston Farm and Fiber Festival (vlog here!). And handspun purple art yarn was a Christmas gift swap present from local dyer and instagram fiber friend Jenny Fields Fiber.

These Qing Fibre skeins are a prized possession bought from Loop London knitting shop while my parent’s were on a trip to England. Single ply. All the best colors. Perfection. I just need to find the perfect project to do them justice. Thinking a shawl…but when am I not thinking shawls? I bought this skein of Malabrigo Mechita locally thinking it might play nice with them, but again, no plan in mind here. Help me!

And I’ve saved the best for last. Or I’ve saved the ones I’ve save the most for last… Also purchased from Loop London these 4 hanks of Life in the Long Grass (from Ireland )are just sitting there waiting for me to do them justice. I sent my parents with a shopping list with these specific skeins in mind, for a specific cardigan design planned out…over a year ago. They are just SO BEAUTIFUL I want to make sure I have my ducks in a row, knowing that I can’t really get more, at least not easily and in the same dye lot. But spring 2021. A cardigan. A really amazing cardigan. Hold me to it! I am thinking this Fiber for the People skein might be a contrast button band color in that cardi, but I haven’t quite decided yet.

So that’s it. The sum total of my yarn stash as of August 2020! I promise after the renovation I will be doing a full office space/yarn stash organization tour to fill you in, but for now I hope you enjoyed this peek into my precious yarn bebes!

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