The One Skein Wonder Cowl LITE- Free pattern!

by Isabella

Posted on April 3, 2020

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I know I’m not the only one with random single skeins of yarn in my stash! You’ve got ’em too! They called to you in the store, whispered to you in that shop update, and then they just sat waiting for their moment. *THIS* is it, my friends! The perfect project for that single skein of fingering weight yarn you’ve been hanging on to!

Introducing the ONE SKEIN WONDER COWL *LITE. *

Earlier in the year I released a DK weight version of this design, which as the name implies, requires but a mere skein of yarn (you can find the DK weight version in my Etsy & Ravelry Shops!)! Now, we have a fingering weight option!

It has just the right amount of shaping to hug around your neck and will keep a springtime breeze out – just the right thickness to keep you warm, but not sweltering! With just one skein and a couple not-so-fancy tricks, you’ll be able to whip up this cozy cowl in no time!

Wanna listen to my gush about this cowl some more? Check out my pattern drop video!

But wait, you’re saying, crochet? With that “fancy” yarn? That skinny little, hand dyed, expensive yarn for knitters. SHUT YOUR FILTHY MOUTH.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but I do get a little passionate about crocheters using “that yarn for knitters.” CROCHETERS CAN USE FANCY YARNS TOO!! While there is definitely a time and a place for all sorts of yarn, this is a great pattern to step out of your box-store-worsted-weight-acrylic box and try a fingering/sock weight hand-dyed skein. If you don’t have any stashed away already, I encourage you to try some! Support another maker. Up your crochet game just a tiny bit. Once you make this cowl, I promise, you’ll be hooked (yes, all the puns always intended).

Now let’s get to the making!

If you want to get the printable version of this pattern, with more tips, tricks and photo helps, you can find it in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

One skein/ at least 443 yds of fingering weight yarn (I worked with a local dyer on this design: the yarn I used was Once Upon a Corgi Yarn in “That’s No Moon” on her Marie Cutie base!), G/4.0 mm crochet hook, F/3.75 mm crochet hook, scissors, yarn needle, and a removable stitch marker.

the one skein wonder cowl lite by bella's custom crochets in once upon a corgi "that's no moon" yarn

For notes for maximizing every last bit of your skein, check out the printable PDF pattern! I’ve got a tip to make sure you’re never gonna lose yarn chicken on this project!

Need a little more color inspiration? Check out these versions of the cowl from my testers (@bluedaffodilcrafts, @wishuponahook , @theskeiniac)!

one skein wonder cowl lite tester photos

Stitches and Abbreviations:

CH: chain

SC: single crochet

HDC: half double crochet

YO: yarn over

SL ST: slip stitch

FPHDC: front post half double crochet

BPHDC: back post half double crochet

HDC2tog: half double crochet two together

sp: space

Sk: skip

st(s): stitch(es)

The Mini Bean Stitch (MBS): step by step stitch instructions can be found in this post and tips for working the MBS in the round can be found here. Or if you prefer video, I have a tutorial for the stitch, both flat and in the round, can be found on my youtube channel!

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Finished Measurements: 20″ circumference at top of neck, 26″ circumference at bottom of neck, 10″ tall

Finished measurements are taken after blocking. To ensure correct sizing, please complete a gauge swatch.

Pattern Notes:

Though this cowl will be worked in the round (seamless!), the mini bean stitch used in the main body of the cowl is typically worked flat to achieve the alternating slanting rows. You will be working in the round, but also turning your work at the end of each body round to achieve the slanted mini beans!

The ribbing sections are worked entirely in the round as normal, without turning.

Shaping is added into the cowl by changing of hook size in the mini bean section and decreasing of stitches in the top ribbing section, as I really like when the top of my cowl hugs a bit tighter to my neck. If you would prefer an even tube cowl, maintain hook size and stitch count throughout (but be aware this will affect the yardage necessary).

Gauge Swatch:

*swatch is worked FLAT, with a G/4.0mm hook. Measured unblocked.

CH 29,

1 .Insert your hook into the 3rd CH from the hook. YO, Pull up a loop. YO, insert hook into same CH sp, YO, pull up a loop (You should now have four loops on your hook). YO, pull through all four loops, then CH 1 to close the mini bean. Skip the next CH, *Insert hook into st, YO, pull up a loop, YO, insert hook into same stitch, YO, pull up a loop, YO, pull through all 4 loops on your hook to close the MBS. CH 1. Skip the next st*

Repeat ** across until one CH remains, MBS into final CH. (14 MBS)

2-24. CH 2, *MBS, CH 1* Repeat ** across, MBS into last st. TURN.

Total swatch measures ~5.5” by 5.5” 4″x 4″ square = 11 MBS by 19 rows

the one skein wonder cowl lite by bella's custom crochets

Now, let’s get started on The One Skein Wonder Cowl LITE:

1. Using the G/4.0 mm hook (or the hook you used to meet gauge)

Foundation HDC 132

*OR alternate start : CH 132, SL ST to join (don’t twist) CH 2 (counts as 1st), HDC around, SL ST to join. (132 sts)

2. CH 2 (counts as first FPHDC), *BPHDC in next st, FPHDC in next st* Repeat ** around, BPHDC into last st, SL ST around the “front post” of the starting ch 2 to join (mimicking a FPHDC). (132 sts)

3-7. Repeat round 2.

You will now begin turning your work at the end of each roundPlace a stitch marker to mark the right side of the cowl.

8. CH 2 (doesn’t count as first st), starting in the same st, work a MBS, CH 1. *skip the next st, MBS into the following, CH 1* Repeat * * around, SL ST into the starting CH 2. TURN. (66 MBS)

9. With the wrong side now facing you, working the opposite direction:

CH 2, MBS into the space created by the last MBS from the previous round (essentially skipping 2 sts and working into the third st), CH 1. *MBS, CH 1* Repeat ** around, SL ST into the starting CH 2. TURN. (66 MBS)

10. Now with right side facing you again, and working as normal:

CH 2, MBS into the space created by the last MBS from the previous round, CH 1.

*MBS, CH 1* Repeat ** around, SL ST into the starting CH 2. TURN. (66 MBS)

11-19. Continue repeating rounds 9 and 10, making sure to turn your work at the end of each round. (round 19 will be a row 9/wrong side repeat). (66 MBS)

20-47. Starting on a round 10 repeat, continue alternating rounds 9 and 10 as before, but switch to the F/3.75 mm hook (or one hook size smaller than you used to meet gauge) to draw the cowl in slightly and add shaping without actually decreasing any stitches!

(round 47 will be a round 9/wrong side repeat). TURN. (66 MBS)

Continuing with your smaller hook size, you will now be working traditionally in the round, without turning work for the remaining rows.

48. CH 2 (counts as first st), HDC in next 3 sts, HDC2tog, *HDC in next 4 sts, HDC2tog,* Repeat * * around, SL ST to join. (110 sts)

49-53. CH 2 (counts as first FPHDC), *BPHDC in next st, FPHDC in next st*

Repeat ** around, BPHDC into last st, SL ST around the “front post” of the starting ch 2 to join (mimicking a FPHDC). (110 sts)

the one skein wonder cowl lite by bella's custom crochets


Cut yarn, sew in all ends.

I strongly suggest wet blocking your cowl to really get it into the perfect shape and open up those mini bean stitches nicely! (New to blocking? Check this post for a tutorial!)

I gently blocked my cowl, and made sure to only “stretch” the mini bean stitches length wise, rather than width wise, to make my cowl a little longer, but not wider!

the one skein wonder cowl LITE by bella's custom crochets

I’d love it if you add your cowl to Ravelry as a project page! Never done that before? I have a step-by-step tutorial to help you out!

SHARING IS CARING! I would love to see your One-Skein-Wonder Cowl! Follow along with me on Instagram– & tag me in your finished pieces! Or use #oneskeinwondercowllite & #fiberandfoxmakes so we all can enjoy your new cowl along with you!

COPYRIGHT: Fiber & Fox (formerly Bella’s Custom Crochets), March 2020. The One-Skein-Wonder Cowl pattern & photographs are property of Isabella Tonski of Fiber & Fox & may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may not share, or sell this pattern in any way, ‘cause no one likes a copycat. You are more than welcome to sell the finished product, but please never use my photos in doing so! If you wish to sell finished pieces online, please credit Fiber & Fox by including a link to my pattern in your listing. If you have any questions in regards to distribution or translation of this pattern, please contact me by email at .

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