Solar Dye with Me! Dyeing yarn with plants and the sun, part 2…

by Isabella

Posted on August 26, 2022

Come solar dye yarn with me! Solar dyeing is using the sun’s heat, and in this instance some natural plant materials to dye yarn. I naturally dyed a whole bunch of yarns in a bunch of colors with plants from my yard, scraps from my kitchen and SUNSHINE! I’ll walk you through how to get started with solar natural dyeing- what you’ll need, tips and tricks, and some ideas of where to find amazing botanical colors in THIS VLOG, and this week we are revealing the results! What surprising colors I got, how I washed and dried the yarn, and everything I learned in the whole solar dyeing experiment!

Wanna come along for the adventure and see the amazing colors hiding in plants? Join me for part 2 of my solar dyeing vlog series!

(if you missed part one, including how I set it all up, what I used, and lots of resources to get you started, check HERE first!)

Hope this vlogging series has inspired you to try your hands at natural or solar dyeing too! Questions? Bring them on. And I’d love to hear about it if you try it out- share the results! It’s amazing how different they can be!

For some more ideas and tips on Solar Dyeing and extracting colors from plants/natural materials, I found these posts helpful as well!

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