Quick and Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf Pattern:

by Isabella

Posted on November 8, 2019

Introducing the Infinity and Beyond Scarf: a cozy, seamless, no fuss, infinity loop scarf with two completely different textures on the “front” and “back” sides, making it totally reversible and like having two scarf looks in one!

Although I have been making and selling this design for years, just now am I finally getting around to writing it up for you! This is one of my favorite market makes! I works up fast and once you get started it’s the perfect mindless, repetitive motion project to snuggle up on the couch with. It also makes a great gift, especially for those secret Santa or “I don’t really know what they like” teacher/neighbor/coworker-type gift situations- cause everyone likes a comfy scarf.

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I love the faux-knit texture this stitch creates! I’ve literally had customers at shows argue with me that it’s NOT crochet! I’ve even fooled knitters! And the pebble-y looking texture on the back is just as fascinating!

While you could really use any bulky weight yarn, I wrote this pattern with Lion Brand’s Color Made Easy line in mind! It has SO MANY vibrant color options, as well as some great neutrals, and the yarn has a unique loose twist to it that creates an incredible amount of *SQUISH.* (if you have any Lion Brand Woolspun left in your stash- R.I.P Woolspun, we miss you- that’s a great option too! update 2021: WOOLSPUN IS BACK!)

This item is worked in the round using the spiral method, so there will be no seam in the scarf. You won’t join (unless specified) or turn after each round, since the rounds are worked continuously. It’s super mindless once you get going, and you can very easily customize the width by adjusting the number of rows to your liking! While maybe not an absolute beginner scarf, someone who is comfortable with basic stitches- an advanced beginner– will have no problem making and enjoying this pattern!

While I recommend doing a gauge swatch to match the sizing of the original design, this pattern is also very customizable to other yarns and can really be made in any size you’d like! By adjusting your starting chain amount or adjusting the amount of rows you could really make this to whatever size you want in any yarn you want to use! Have fun customizing your Infinity and Beyond!

Want a neat and tidy printable PDF version of the pattern? You can find it in both my Ravelry and Etsy shops!


* 2 skeins of Color Made Easy (I used the color Avocado) or any 5/bulky weight yarns of your choosing (roughly 470 yds total)

*L/8.0mm crochet hook

*yarn needle for sewing in ends


*removable stitch marker

Stitches & Abbreviations:

CH: chain

SL ST: slip stitch

SC: single crochet

HDC: half double crochet

HDC3L: Half double crochet in the third loop” (also known as the Camel Stitch) Worked as a normal HDC, but into the 3rd loop of the stitches from the previous row, rather than into the “v” at the top. Yarn over, insert your hook into the third loop only of the previous HDC, yarn over again. You now have three loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through all three loops.

*for a helpful video on how to do a Half Double Crochet in the Third Loop, check out this video by Tamara from Moogly. (BCC video tutorials coming sooooonnn!)


worked in HDC, 10 stitches by 7 rows = 4”x4”

Finished dimensions:

10.5” wide by 64” around (32” laid flat)

Chain 150, SL ST to join, making sure not to twist stitches! (tip: to keep it from getting twisted, after the first 20 or so chains, slip the starting chain onto the end of your crochet hook. This only works with straight hooks, not the bulky or ergonomic ones! When you come to join, slip the starting chain up to the top of the hook and do the normal SL ST! And *voila* no risk of twisting your stitches!)

1 . CH 1, HDC in same st, HDC around, don’t join! (150 sts throughout)

Place a removable stitch marker to note the beginning of the round (you can also tell by where the tail end of your yarn is. If you don’t have a stitch marker you can use a safety pin or even tie some scrap yarn). You will now be working your rows in a continuous spiral so there will be no joining seam in the scarf.

2. CH 1, work a HDC in the 3rd loop of the next st. Working in the 3rd loop throughout, HDC around (HDC3L).

*I need a professional hand model, guys. I literally have yarn callouses.

3-18. HDC3L in the first st of round (there will be a small “step” up here), continue working in HDC3L around the scarf until you reach 17 rows from your stitch marker (18 rows total), or until you reach your desired scarf width. Don’t join.

19. Still working into the 3rd loop, SC around to marker, SL ST to join. Cut yarn.

Sew in all ends and enjoy your cozy, squishable new infinity scarf!

SHARING IS CARING!I would love to see your Infinity and Beyond Scarf! Follow along with me on Instagram: @fiber.and.fox– & tag me in your finished pieces! Or use tags #infinityandbeyondscarf & #fiberandfoxmakes so we all can enjoy your new scarf along with you!

COPYRIGHT: Fiber & Fox (formerly Bella’s Custom Crochets), October 2019 The Infinity and Beyond Scarf pattern & photographs are property of Isabella Tonski of Fiber & Fox & may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may not share, or sell this pattern in any way ‘cause no one likes a copycat. You are more than welcome to sell the finished product, but please never use my photos in doing so! If you wish to sell finished pieces online, please credit Fiber & Fox by including a link to my pattern in your listing. If you have any questions in regards to distribution or translation of this pattern, please contact me by email at contact@fiberandfox.com

Infinity and Beyond Scarf by Bella's Custom Crochets: a free advanced beginner crochet infinity scarf pattern

I hope you enjoy your Infinity and Beyond! Whether you’re making it for yourself, or to sell/give it’s a great quick and cozy make, that I’ve definitely gotta a lot of wear (and sales!) out of! Don’t forget to pin it for later! And as always, you can find this and all my other patterns in my Ravelry and Etsy stores if you’d prefer a full color PDF download to you can easily print or store for later!

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