Podcast Episode 19: Show Notes

by Isabella

Posted on October 2, 2020

podcast episode 19 show notes

All the show notes for the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 19:

*note: Bella’s Custom Crochets is now FIBER & FOX!


Anouk Pullover in progress in "Ghost Ship" by Treasure Goddess Yarn

Anouk Pullover Updates (and woes):

I’m working on my boxy pullover sweater design in collaboration with Treasure Goddess Yarn – and unfortunately it is not going as smoothly as I would have hoped. And by that I mean I did all the math right, at least by what I thought I wanted it to look like, but once I got the body panels finished and seamed up I ended up hating the shape I had created. I knew it would not make anyone else feel amazing if I couldn’t even rock it myself, based off my own measurements. So I frogged it. A fingering weight, oversized pullover. That I had already spent about 3 weeks on. So that was fun. BUT I think we are getting a lot closer to having this be flattering and fabulous design that will look awesome on lots of different shapes and sizes (update: I frogged a bunch again after recording!). I would rather put in the extra time and effort so that YOU feel awesome in the finished design, rather than rush it to save myself some work!

I did, however pick a name! We are going with “ANOUK PULLOVER”- there will be lots more about the inspiration when I release the pattern and put out the pattern drop video, but to summarize Anouk is a variety of Lavender (which the center puff stitch detail reminds me of) and the name also means “Favor” and “Grace.”


Flax (ish) by Tin Can Knits

I finished my Flax (…ish) sweater by Tin Can Knits for my daughter. Somehow I messed up this extremely beginner pattern and instead of making a panel of garter detail across the top of the sleeve I managed to make entirely garter sleeves. I didn’t realize my mistake until I had finished the body and went to pick up the sleeves- well at least I had the right amount of stitches and they both match in their…wrongness. Whhhoopps.

This flaxish sweater was made in The Hook Nook’s Small Stuff in the color “Green Thumb”- which for an 100% acrylic was actually really pleasant to work with! I’ve used this line for a few projects and I will definitely use it again when I am looking for some afforable, toddler withstanding DK weight yarn!

Rainbow toddler legwarmers

They are done! The most adorable legwarmers of all of time. I am obsessed. Everything you need to know about them I covered in the last episode, so I’ll just direct you to the show notes for episode 18!


Simple Skyp Sock by Adrienne Ku in Salted Carmel by Laine and Lotus

Always gotta have a sock WIP! After going back and forth on which semi-mindless sock pattern I wanted to work up this STUNNING Laine and Lotus Yarn (“Salted Carmel”) into, I finally settled on the Simple Skyp Socks by @mushroom.knits. These beauties are FREE on Ravelry and I couldn’t be happier with how incredible they are working up in this yarn. It’s nice to have a repetitive, small project I can work on between wrestling pullover math!

Local yarn store day connecticut 2020 haul

I know I shared all about Local Yarn Store Day 2020 in this post, but I gushed about the yarns I picked up there in this podcast too! Jump over to the previous post/video for all the details there!

I also did a little bit of a hobby lobby haul recently. I am going to be working on my daughter’s birthday presents. All of which involve owls. Apparently owls are her life?!

I am going to make an Owl Amigurumi (just making up my own pattern) out of this Fur the Moment Faux Fur yarn. It’s mis-er-able to try and keep track of stitches, but it creates such fluffiness it’ll be worth it.

Uglegenseren by Ingvild Bysting

I am also going to challenge myself to a Norwegian knit colorwork pattern. I am going to *attempt* the Uglegenseren by Ingvild Bysting. I am pretty new to colorwork knitting and it’s originally written in Norwegian and translated in to English- hopefully I have the skills to get it done! I’m excited to try out this merino/nylon acrylic blend- it seems like it will be hard wearing for a busy toddler!

ColeMama Creations custom rope basket

Kinda sorta yarn related, and definitely in line with my “I love supporting local, Connecticut artisans” theme: I got a custom basket made by ColeMama Creations. We needed an entry way basket to hold keys//wallets/glasses/chapstick and the like (um, masks) and I was excited to present my idea to Nicole. I sketched up what I was looking for, with some dimensions, and she did NOT disappoint. Definitely check out her instagram for an overview of exactly what she is capable of dreaming up. Not only does she sew the rope cord baskets/bags/containers/everything but she also dyes all the color for each. She is also a fellow fiber artist and spins and knits as a hobby! (she makes my favorite yarn bowls, pictured above with the Anouk Pullover!). I’ve been loving the things she has been creating with yarn wrapped into the designs and I am obsessed with the bits of Malabrigo Rasta that she worked into my custom piece!

Block21 Prints haul

My friend Sarah of Block21 Prints (yes, I know I rave about her like every podcast, but I LOVE HER STUFF.) was doing a tiny lil pop up in her own front yard, so obviously I had to go stop by and stock up on stickers and start my Christmas shopping. Sarah is a Linocut artist- she hand carves linoleum stamps! I added a few new ones, and now my laptop is thoroughly stickered (in 90% Block21 stickers) and I grabbed a few other goodies too.

Lastly, I wanted to share a new-to-me essential oil company: Eden’s Garden. Before you run for the hills, this is NOT a MLM company, and no I am not selling them or making any monetary gain at all telling you about them. I am actually just excited to have been introduced to a non-pyramid scheme company, that is a “small,” women owned and run business. And I won’t go on and on about their business practices, ethics and quality, but you can check their out their about page for my info. I am thrilled with what I picked out and will definitely be ordering more!

And that’s all for Episode 19! Here’s to hoping I conquer my pullover design by episode 20! Happy making, my friends!

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