Podcast Episode 18: Show Notes!

by Isabella

Posted on September 11, 2020

Episode 18: “…And we have a winner!

*note: Bella’s Custom Crochets is now FIBER & FOX!

Show notes for the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 18:


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the forgotten lore shawl by bella's custom crochets

This week I launched the Forgotten Lore Shawl and you all BLEW ME AWAY with the love you showed it! THANK YOU SO MUCH. If you haven’t checked out this shawl yet (I mean, I’ve been gushing about it for several episodes now…) I have a pattern drop video, as well as a blog post telling you everything you need to know about it! It’s available on Ravelry and Etsy and will be on LoveCrafts soon! It’s my 20th published pattern and I am so happy ya’ll love it as much as I do!

herringbone cowl design

Okay, let me know if this name is craziness: “Herringtone Marliday”. Like a holiday full of marling of different tones and herringbone stitch? Yeah? Yeah. It’s like Dr. Seuss meets Stephen West. But I’m not sure it’s really a BCC pattern name yet?

I’ve been working on this new design in a marled/fingering or sport weight held double version, as well as a solid dk/worsted version. I am OBSESSED with this stitch and think it lends itself to a cowl design so well! The marled version is in Donegal (Kilcarra) Soft Merino Tween minis that I got from Maruma Yarns on Etsy. And the solid version is in Lion Brand Jeans in “Topstitch.” I really, really, really wanted to love the marled version for myself. Those colors are like my ideal jewel tone rainbow! But unfortunately the woolen spun singles are a little bit too rustic for my wimpy baby skin, so it’s probably getting gifted once I launch the design! Buying yarn online is HARD!

Stay tuned for more details as I get this written up and ready for testers!

Ghost Ship by Treasure Goddess Yarn for my next sweater design!

Another design is in the works! This sweater is actually what I *wanted* the Forgotten Lore Shawl to be, but I had vastly misread and miscalculated that purple yarn. So when Cristine of Treasure Goddess Yarn reached out wanting to collab, I knew here lovely hand dyed tonals would look amazing for the idea I had in mind!

"ghost ship" by treasure goddess yarn

I am using her color “Ghost Ship” on her sock base. As of filming I had only done a bunch of swatching, but these lovely yarn babies will be turning into an over-sized, boxy pullover! I’m sure you’ll be hearing LOTS about this collab in up coming episodes!

Finished Objects:

granny square #yarnpunk pocket

Calling this a finished object cause I’m not sure what else to file it under. But I made a tiny pocket and did some visible mending on a cardigan that had a pretty obvious hole on the front. The cardigan itself is super cheap (bought it second hand, as I do most my clothes, but originally from Forever 21, so not built to last!), but I love the color and wear it more than any other cardigan in my closet. I used sock scraps from Knits4Comfort and Megs and Co Yarn. The fingering weight granny squareish pocket with picot edging turn out a tad too heavy for the very light weight cardi, but hopefully this mean I can keep it my closet a little bit longer until it turns to shreds (and needs all the granny square patches? #yarnpunk).

Other Wips:

the flax by tin can knits

Because my child can never have enough handmade sweaters, I am knitting up a Flax by Tin Can Knits for her. This pattern is free (and ridiculously popular-17.5k projects on Ravelry!) , comes in baby to adult sizing and it’s super beginner friendly!

I am using a DK weight yarn (The Hook Nook The Small Stuff in “Green Thumb”), so I made a couple adjustments to the pattern to accommodate my different gauge (it’s a worsted weight pattern). For a 100% acrylic I am actually really enjoying this yarn! Now I just need to add some sleeves!

scrappy wool toddler legwarmers

With the scraps left from the herringbone cowl design I am making a pair of ROYGBIV leg warmers for the babe. While the yarn was a tad too scratch to be against skin, especially near my neck, layered over her pants with boots they should be nice and cozy. And I just LOVE those rainbow stripes. No pattern, I just cast on 52 sts on 2.5mm/US size 1.5 Hiya Hiya Flyers and am working in a 2 by 2 rib. The gray at the top and the bottom will be ten rows and each rainbow stripe I am going for 15 rows.


standwood 10z yarn ball winder

There will be a whole review and tutorial coming on this topic soon, but I purchased a 10 oz Stanwood Yarn Ball Winder to replace my sad and broken Knit Picks winder. While it was slightly more expensive than budget options like the Knit Picks one it’s well worth the $77 price tag. This thing is STURDY and will LAST! Knit picks is a popular budget option, especially if you’re just starting out, but if you can manage it, Stanwood is the way to go! In just over a year my knit picks version broke 2 and is now beyond repair with stripped screws that have hopelessly bored themselves into the plastic. And it absolutely destroys yarn. I’ll gave more details on this product coming in a video soon, but for now I can say I am thrilled with this new purchase!

Giveaway Winner!

1k giveaway prize package

The winner for the 1K giveaway that I drew was Gretchen Kuechler! She had said in her comment that sock yarn was something that she was really loving right now and that she tries to support local shops and dyers- so I am thrilled to be sending her this package of sock yarn (+ other goodies) made locally to me in Connecticut! Thanks again to Sassy Black Yarns, Cup of Tea Yarn, Within Creative and Block21Prints for sponsoring this giveaway!

Hope you all enjoyed episode 18! Thank you for hanging out with me! Catch you in the next one!

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