My Crocheted Spring (& Summer!) Wardrobe

by Isabella

Posted on April 16, 2021

I know we tend to think of fiber arts as being a more winter weather hobby. Ya know, hats, sweaters, the like. But I love having handmade pieces, either my own designs or other maker’s patterns, in my closet year ’round.

While a lot of these pieces are “springy” they definitely can transition over a span of seasons with a bit of layering or creative styling. That’s something I really love in a handmade wardrobe piece- I want to wear it as much as possible! Tees and tanks can go under cardigans, and vests and cardigans can be layered year round! Shawls? ALL THE SHAWLS ALL THE TIME!

But today I am going to be focusing on some garments and shawls from my own Fiber & Fox design line that I find myself reaching for again and again as the springtime rolls around, but a lot of these pieces I transition into summer morning/evening pieces, or those indoor AC blasting type layers! So, lets go on a closet tour of my favorite crochet shawls and garments for Spring/Summer!

I do have accompanying videos/pattern drop posts for a lot of these designs, so I will be sure to link those, as well as links to my Etsy & Ravelry shops where you can currently find all my newly updated and rebranded Fiber & Fox patterns! I also have a video accompanying this post if you’d like to watch instead!

If you’re needing more handmade wardrobe inspo: I also have another video from last year showcasing some of my really warm weather/summer faves, both from my own design line and from other makers, as well as a spring round up from other makers for more amazing Spring garments! And there’s some knitting in there too! I also have a tour of my more heavy, fall/winter pieces that you can watch if you need some inspiration for upcoming cooler months!

Let’s talk Shawls first:

Serenity and Shiloh Shawl by Fiber & Fox

The Serenity & Shiloh Shawl

When it comes to spring and summer shawls, I love something light and airy, with lots of mesh or lace for air flow! This isn’t one I would wear wrapped around me in the heat of summer, but it’s a nice added layer for springtime walks or for those “environments” with AC-loving folks (of which, I am not one. Like I don’t want to be hot, but also I hate the feeling of something blowing on/at me?! Weird? Probably.)

The Serenity & Shiloh Shawl is a 3 color (3 skein) fingering weight shawl project- but worked at a large and open gauge it is SO, SO light, and goes relatively fast. This design was birthed out of the… mess…that was 2020 (and now 2020 junior, i.e. 2021). Holding yarn in my hands and working repetitive stitches was so therapeutic when things felt (feel?) hectic. The word “serenity” means “the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled” and “shiloh” is a biblical word with meanings of “place of rest” and “peace.”

The pattern includes charted stitch motifs, full written instructions, lots of photos. It’s an advanced beginner level, using only basic stitches and easy increases and decreased. And of course, there is a coloring section in there to help you plot your color choices! You can find lots more photos, info and inspiration (tester photos!) for this design in this pattern drop post! The Serenity & Shiloh Shawl pattern can be found on Ravelry and Etsy!

Tidal Fades Shawl DK by Fiber & Fox

The Tidal Fades Shawl DK

Of all the shawls in my wardrobe, I think I wear this one the most. Being DK weight (3 colors/skeins) the Tidal Fades Shawl DK (cause I also have a winter worsted weight variation) might be a bit to heavy to fall into the summer category, but it’s perfect for early spring weather, and I also continue to wear it all Fall and Winter too. I love the shape and weight of it!

You have the option to blend/fade colors together or pick something that will be really contrasty- my sample kinda utilizes both. Colors A & B are super blended together and Color C is really more of a pop. But all and any color combos I have seen have been gorgeous. This one is awesome for both indie dyed or commercially available yarns (okay, that’s ANY pattern, but typically you can find more box store, budget friendly DK/3 weight yarn options than you can fingering/1 weight options!). And I love the TASSELS. They are beaded and there’s a tutorial for ’em! Advanced beginner, and super repetitive, mindless stitch pattern!

This pattern was before I did pattern drop videos/posts, but you can find out more about the design when I was posting it as 4 week Crochet Along! The pattern is available on Ravelry and Etsy too!

Dandelion Dance Shawl by Fiber & Fox

The Dandelion Dance Shawl

Just ALL the spring vibes, with this one! I think this is my most POPULAR crochet pattern yet and I feel like it encompasses me really well, with the Dandelion Stitch and the mustard yellow! It uses 4 colors/skeins of DK weight yarn and is again, a really great transitional piece between seasons! While definitely not mindless like some of my other shawl patterns, this one does keep you from getting bored! It’s a stitch sampler of sorts, and just when you get tired of one color or stitch pattern, it switches up on you!

This one is an advances beginner, leaning towards intermediate level, but it also includes both photo and video tutorials for the tricky bits, as well as a row by row stitch count so you always know if you’re on the right track with no guessing!

Again, before pattern drop days (maybe I need to make a throw back pattern drop for this beauty?), but you can find the pattern on Ravelry and Etsy! This would be a great one to check the Ravelry project pages, or the #dandeliondanceshawl hashtag on instagram to gather some color inspo! While I love the mustard/dandelion combo, I haven’t seen a bad color choice yet!

Forgotten Lore Shawl by Fiber & Fox

Forgotten Lore Shawl

This baby was a fall pattern release, but with lace weight yarn, it’s as light as a feather. It’s got a super unique batwing/dragon wing shape and all the fantasy vibes, but doesn’t at all read costume-y so it incorporates into a wardrobe with ease! And while written for lace weight, you can also sub in fingering, or any yarn you want really, as ending stitch count doesn’t matter at all. You can just keep making until it’s the size you want! I do however love the open, lightweight drape of the lace weight yarn! And while written for one solid color, it also looks incredible in a gradient or multiple colors striped!

This one falls into intermediate level. There is a stitch tutorial video, as well as a row by row stitch count. Once you get it down it’s super repetitive, but the shaping and increases are a little unusual and may take a couple rows of concentration to get used to! Don’t give up! By about 10 rows in you will be an absolute PRO. Tassel tutorial also included.

Pattern drop and all the inspo here, and pattern found on Etsy and Ravelry!

Hope & A Future Wrap by Fiber & Fox

Hope & a Future Wrap

Another birthed out of that which was 2020, while actually more of a scarf/wrap, I am tossing this one in with the spring shawls, as it’s super light and airy with the lacey motif in fingering weight yarns. You’ll need 2 main colors in full 100g skeins, and 7 other colors, either scraps or minis! The Hope & A Future Wrap is definitely a piece you can use in any season with a variety of styling options, but I love the idea of it as an over the shoulder spring layer! I also really want someone to make a fancy one and wear it with a gown to some classy event…but it’s 2021, do those even exist?

This one is charted, has a video, picture tutorials, a color coding system and a full coloring sheet to help you plot colors. And once you get the initial stitch down, it just repeats the same row over and over so it’s super easy to memorize! Plus, the color changes keep you from getting bored! Tassel tutorial included too, but be sure to check out the pattern drop post for more tassel options that my testers came up with! You can also find out a lot about the rich backstory this design in the patter drop! Pattern available on Ravelry and Etsy!

Okay, Garment time!

The Fandeco Tee


The Fandeco Tee! You can learn everything you need to know about this lovely, business in the front/party in the back design pattern drop post. Size inclusive: XS-4XL. DK weight. Made in collaboration with LeRoo Cotton (read her interview here!). Advanced beginner, easy to customize the length to a fit you like, and a full schematic included so you can get the best fit for you! And the Fandeco panel has a stitch tutorial video! And you guessed it, pattern can be found on Ravelry and Etsy!

The Fandeco Vest

Fandeco Vest

Speaking of Fandeco…there’s a vest too! Again, you can find all the glorious details in this pattern drop post. This one is also size inclusive- XS-4XL! Worsted weight in a cotton/bamboo blend, but it has been made in a variety of fibers. This one is so nice and open you get plenty of breathability no matter the fiber you choose. I love this one cause I can wear it in ANY season, but its super cute in the summer as a beach cover or thrown over a tank and shorts! And you can easily tweak the length here too! You can get the Fandeco Vest on Ravelry and Etsy.

The Stigandr Vest

Stigandr Vest by Fiber & Fox

Okay, so I like an open, lacey vest, okay? The Stigandr Vest was my first ever garment pattern, so this one only runs XS-2XL, but it is one that I am definitely revisiting to get a larger size range! Simple construction, irresistible fringe, and easy to adjust the length to suit you. And again, makes an awesome summer coverup!

This one is prior to the pattern drop days, but you can grab your copy on Ravelry and Etsy! And definitely check out the project pages and instagram hashtag for inspo!

The Manoa Cardi

the Monoa Cardi by Fiber & Fox

And lastly, the Manoa Cardi. This one is a riff on the Stigandr, but a more structured, denser fabric garment. Maybe not appropriate for summer (unless you’re hiding from AC!!) but a great springtime (and fall!) layer when you don’t want a whole coat, and want a sweater option you can easily remove!

As one of my earlier patterns, again I need to add sizes larger than 2XL to this one, and I will soon!

You can check out the pattern drop for this one! And of course, Ravelry and Etsy!

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your springtime crochet handmade wardrobe! At the time of this post, you can get 10% off ALL my patterns, including each of these with the code “FIBERFOXES” through April 22nd, 2021! Happy making!

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