My Crochet (and knit!) Summer Wardrobe

by Isabella

Posted on July 24, 2020

I know we tend to think of fiber arts as being a more winter weather hobby. Ya know, hats, sweaters, the like. But I love having handmade pieces, either my own designs or other maker’s patterns, in my closet year ’round. I thought it would be fun to do a little round up style post with all my spring/summer/early fall handmade pieces in my collection as of now, and take you on a little closet tour!

While a lot of these pieces are “summery” they definitely can transition over a span of seasons with a bit of layering. That’s something I really love in a handmade wardrobe piece- I want to wear it as much as possible! Tees and tanks can go under cardigans, and vests and cardigans can be layered year round!

I do have a video accompanying this post if you’d like to watch instead! I am not gonna show every piece of mine here and may use designers photos instead, so if you want to see MY versions and color choices, definitely check out the video! I also have a tour of my more heavy, fall/winter pieces that you can watch if you need some inspo for upcoming cooler months!

*this post will contain some affiliate links! That means that at no additional cost to you, I will make a small commission of products if you click through and purchase!

Odyssey Cardigan by Ambassador Crochet

Odyssey Cardigan by Ambassador Crochet

This is probably my most worn summer item, cause I LOVE a layering piece (and I also hate the feel of AC blowing on my skin). It is nice and drapey and open to allow for lots of air flow, and it’s got a nice dress it up or dress it down quality to it. The pattern runs XS-XL and you can easily customize the length! Plus it’s made without any seaming, hallelujah! I made mine in Fair Isle Harbor in the color “Sapphire,” which is a fabulously affordable and durable cotton/viscose from bamboo blend. But I’m super sad cause it seems like it may have been discontinued as a yarn, and I can’t even find that particular color anywhere even as a resale!

Fandeco Tee by Fiber & Fox


Yes. This one is my me and I’ve been singing the praises of it for months, so I won’t go into too much detail here. You can learn everything you need to know about this lovely, business in the front/party in the back design here on my blog pattern drop post, or on my youtube channel. Size inclusive: XS-4XL. DK weight. Made in collaboration with LeRoo Cotton (read her interview here!) in “Coffee, Please” and “Fallfetti”- and she has kits in every possible color combo!

Fandeco Vest by Fiber & Fox

Fandeco Vest

Speaking of Fandeco…there’s a vest too! Again, you can find all the glorious details in this pattern drop post, or this video. This one is also size inclusive! Worsted weight in a cotton/bamboo blend (Fair Isle Port in “Gold”). I love this one cause I can wear it in ANY season, but its super cute in the summer as a beach cover or thrown over a tank and shorts!

(Crochet)Marigold Tank by Morthunder

Crochet Marigold Tank by Morthunder

This one is awesome cause you can make it literally ANY, and I mean ANY size. Morgan designed the pattern in a super inclusive way that you just have to take some body measurements, do a bit of gauging and plug all those numbers into a formula and boom, a totally custom tank! She also has a knit version too! I made a couple changes to mine, so make sure to watch the summer wardrobe video mentioned above to get all those details. It’s a worsted weight, but I think cause of the way the pattern is written you could tweak it to work with any yarn! Mine is in Lion Brand Jeans in “Topstitch”.

Summertime Tee by TLYarnCrafts:

Summertime Tee by TLYarnCrafts

This one is FREE on Toni’s blog, as well as available for purchase and download. I love how open this one is- plus we know I love an oversized, tunic length piece! Super cute over a tank with shorts or leggings! Her’s is made in Lion Brand Jeans, but I made mine in Berrocco Remix Light (held double) in the color “Pepper.” I definitely didn’t gauge so I think mine is a little off on measurements, but I love it!

Homebody Sweater by MegMade with Love:

Homebody Sweater by Megmade with Love

Another freebie! I think this was the first sweater I crocheted for myself and it’s still a fave! So comfy. So cute. So forgiving. I wear this one through most seasons, but its a great throw over for beach days in the summer! And as you can see, it’s a roomy fit. The photo above I was literally in the start of labor and had my daughter less than 24 hours later. So, I love that. Not much in your handmade closet fits you at 39 weeks pregnant. Homebody, you can do no wrong. Mine’s made in Bernat Softee Baby Cotton in “Feather Gray.”

Beachcomb by Tif Neilan Handknits:

Beachcomb by Tif Neilan Handknits

This one’s knit! I was a tester for local-to-me designer Tif Neilan and while this one was a challenge for me, I learned so many new knitting skills! This piece is so wearable, and comes in a size inclusive range with options to make a full length or a crop! I used a local-to-me dyer too: Sassy Black Yarns in “Indigo Nights” in a cotton/linen blend! I think she discontinued this one, but check out her other yarns!

Hope this has given you some ideas on how to add some yarny goodness to your warm-weather wearing! Did I miss your favorite pattern? I am always looking for more ideas on how to incorporate handmade into my closet, so drop me a comment with your suggestions! Bonus points for all the lacy, boxy, tunicy things (cause that seems to be my jam!)

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