Local Yarn Store Day 2021 at Ewe and You

by Isabella

Posted on May 7, 2021

Something a little different today! Last month Saturday, April 17th, 2021, was Local Yarn Store Day! I’m not sure if this is “celebrated” internationally but here in the US there are lots of small yarn shops that take part in this and hold events. Typically this is a day for yarn crawls, hanging out with yarny friends, buying all the things and winning all the prizes…but *current world situations* has altered things a bit.

However, my favorite local yarn store, Ewe and You Fiber Arts in Windsor, Connecticut was able to adapt to these strange times and held a nice little LYS day gathering and hosted a pop of of 4 local Connecticut yarn dyers- Sassy Black Yarns, Silver Key Stitches, Hardware City Yarn Co and Laine and Lotus– out in the front parking lots.

Rachel, the owner of the shop is INCREDIBLE at supporting the yarn community, and definitely goes above and beyond in representing crochet in addition to knitting in her shop. One of my BIGGEST complaints with local yarn stores is that there can be an air of…knitting superiority... of even some snooty vibes about what type of yarns you use! But that is NOT AT ALL the case with Ewe and You and I so appreciate that. Whatever your craft, whatever your budget or taste, Rachel is happy to help with her wealth of fiber arts knowledge!

I’ve enjoyed vlogging fiber events in the past, but again, things are a little trickier with distances and mask and all that. (I tried my best to get quick lil interviews with the dyers, but the audio outside and with masks was not the best- so I apologize there. I am looking into better solutions for future events! In general, my vlogging set up is due for some upgrades!)

None the less, I was SUPER excited to actually get out and about with some yarny folk and I captured a bit of footage along the way to show you some of the fiber goodness that my state has to offer! Connecticut is such a small state, but we actually have a LOT of yarn talent here! (you can check out my vlog from Ewe and You last fall!)

Hope you enjoy a little look at my favorite yarn spot and some of my favorite yarn people! Highly recommend checking out all the dyers sites, as well as the Ewe and You online shop, and following everyone on social media!

Here’s all the links to everyone and everything mentioned in the video! Be sure to pop over and give all these lovely yarn ladies a follow!

Ewe and You main site. Ewe and You online SHOP. Ewe and You Instagram. & A local news segment on Ewe and You!

Lakisher of Sassy Black Yarns shop: Sassy Black Yarns on Instagram. (You can find a couple of projects I’ve made with Lakisher’s yarns in these podcast episodes! Lace Cardigan and the Beachcomb Tee.) I need to come up with a project to use some of her highland wool base!

Jen of Laine and Lotus shop. Laine and Lotus on Instagram. My blog interview with Jen. And the Tidal Fades DK shawl, designed with Jen’s yarn (what I was wearing over my Anouk Pullover, and also hanging in Jen’s booth) can be found free on my blog as a crochet along! Also, basically any given podcast episode you can probably catch me talking about Laine & Lotus… fan girl status!

Joanna of Silver Key Stitches shop. Silver Key Stitches on Instagram. & the Serenity & Shiloh Shawl, using Joanna’s color Sabara! In addition to yarns, Joanna has lots of fiber arts related accessories and project bags too!

Shelby of Hardware City Yarn Co shop. Hardware City Yarn Co on Instagram. I’ve never worked with Shelby’s yarns before, so I am excited to dig into the skein I got. Please someone go buy lots of Poe and make a Forgotten Lore Shawl because…you must.

Thanks for coming along with me to LYS day 2021! Stay tuned for more fiber and events and yarn store vlogs in the future (and hopefully an improved set up! Thanks for loving me none the less!). If you’re missing the fiber community and wanna gaze at pretty yarns and the lovely folks who make them, pop over to YouTube and check this playlist!

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