How to Set Up for a Handmade Market

by Isabella

Posted on November 6, 2020

Back by popular demand- how to set up for a handmade market/crafts show/pop-up/holiday markets, 2020 edition! (you can find last year’s outdoor tent set up and tiny indoor set up on my Youtube Channel as well!)

I am walking you through, step by step, how I am setting up for this year’s small, indoor (& socially distant, ya dah ya dah all that jazz) pop up markets that I will selling my crochet items at in November of 2020. 2020 has definitely be very different than all other years I’ve been selling, and I know regulations vary by where you are located, but if you HAVE events still, this will be super helpful in getting you out there and making money off the beautiful yarny things you make!

I’ve been selling at craft fairs, farmers markets, handmade artisan markets and holiday shows since 2013 and I think I’ve gathered up a lot of tips and really honed what (and how!) I sell my crochet items in person. Whether this is your first show or your 50th, I am sure there is a tip in there for you.

You can see my full set up step by step (time lapse!), and I’ve got lots of info on display items to make your table or booth look top notch, great (& quick) handmade items to sell, all the crochet patterns I use to make my market items, pricing and signage, where I get my marketing materials, and lots of other hot tips on how to have a successful craft show or market and a crochet or knitwear designer/seller!

I also have a downloadable list of links to EVERY pattern, resource and item I talk about in the video here! All the things I mention, all in one place. In the all the years I have been selling in person and hauling my makes to and from shows, I’ve learned a lot about display, storage and general booth/table awesomeness. Let me save you some time in hunting down products!

For more tips, check out my Handmade Markets 101 series on the blog! I talk how to find the perfect shows to sell at, things to consider before applying to a market, more tips on setting up your display to be tip top, BIG no- no’s to avoid , and must haves for every craft show or handmade market! Oh, and if you’re a market hat maker like me, you might want to check out how I make my own faux fur pom poms and save alllllll the $$$! And if you’re into saving money, this post on how to get all your yarn + supplies for cheap might be helpful too!

I hope you find this set up video – and handmade market series- helpful! Diving into selling in person can feel super overwhelming, especially if you don’t have any other local fiber friends to compare with and bounce ideas off of. I hope I can be your online fiber friend and help guide you with some tips and ideas into the world of selling your crochet items in person! Overwhelming, yes, but so fun to get out and see the community interacting with and enjoying what you make!

If I missed anything you want to add or want to add any tips of your own, leave a comment on the video so we can all benefit together! Happy Market Season!

You might wanna peek my outdoor set up video too, if you’re doing markets in an outdoor area/tent space!

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