Forgotten Lore Shawl Pattern Drop:

by Isabella

Posted on September 7, 2020

I am most pleased to introduce you to my TWENTIETH pattern! The Forgotten Lore Shawl!

The full printable PDF pattern can be found in my Ravelry and Etsy shops!

Let me formally introduce you: She’s a drapey, light weight, super moody shawl with all the fantastical vibes reminiscent of ravens, dragons, bats and other winged creatures in lore and legend. It can be worn a variety of ways and easily be styled into an outfit for every season. I’ll tell you everything you need about this design- but as always, I have a video gushing about it’s glory too!

Get the printable Forgotten Lore Shawl will photo tutorials, private video links, and full written pattern here.

The shawl itself was a happy accident. I had bought the yarn with a sweater in mind and was working on using the puff stitch ridge you see in a pullover design when I realized I has completely misread the yarn label and I had no where near enough to make a garment. So a shawl was born!

The name “Forgotten Lore” was drawn from Edgar Allan Poe’s the Raven. Right before the raven shows up he is pondering “over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.” I am a major Poe fan and at one point had memorized the entire massive poem just for fun. It just felt like the perfect name for this deep purple mixed with the wing shape. (Apparently it’s also a Dungeons and Dragons reference, but for the record, I only knew that after the people of instagram informed me. So I’ve got both the poetry and D&D crochet nerd market covered for all their shawl need apparently!)

The yarn I used was definitely a splurge at about $17 for each 25gm skein (I got it on sale), but I LOVE it. The Fine Merino/Silk/Cashmere blend has amazing drape and it’s SO LIGHT. If its within your budget, I used Shibui Pebble in “Velvet.” The shawl, including the 3 tassels, used about 1,120 yds.

You can definitely sub in whatever you’d like though! It’s roughly a lace weight yarn, but you could definitely work it up in a light fingering weight too. Or really any weight you want in you’re willing to mess with the gauge a little, cause it’s one of those patterns you can kinda just go until you like the size of it! There is not any need to wind up with any particular stitch or row count, so if you want to make it until you’re happy with the size, go for it!

Testers used a variety of yarns, from fancy indie dyes, to budget friendly gradient cakes. It looks beautiful in all of them!

Getting all the moody dragon vibes off this version by Stacie of @baahumble (I keep telling her to quit her day job and just be a crochet model!)

I’m so grateful that Satina of @onerulebejeweled opted for a gradient! Not only did she show how beautiful the shawl looks in a budget friendly, box store yarn, I was blown away by the results of the gradient cake!

THIS color! I don’t usually gravitate to blues but I adore this version Amy of @a.p.hooks created!

Again with the blue! Not only is Korey of @cuddlesforcarole my hair goals for when I grow up, but she totally rocked this blue! I love how changing the color of a design totally changed the entire feel!

And don’t be intimidated by the lace weight! It’s worked at a large gauge with a pretty big hook size, so I won’t take you the rest of your life to make- I promise! And if you’re not ready to make the plunge on indie dyed or luxury Shibui, there are lots of box store options for lace weight yarns! As you saw with Satina’s, gradients are lovely too! Lion Brand specifically has Amazing Lace and Shawl in a Ball (affiliate links) which will work up lovely and not break the bank.

The pattern is at an advanced beginner level. The most complicated thing in there is a variation of the puff stitch and there is a photo tutorial to walk you through that step by step, as well as a video that is included with the purchase of the pattern that will take you step by step by the first few rows of the shawl to get you a really clear visual of what is going on. There is also a photo tutorial for making the optional tassels, as well as a public video on my channel. And if you’re iffy on blocking a shawl I have a video for that too!

The pattern also includes lots of other photos to make sure you have lots of visual helps! In addition to the main PDF, there is a second “CHEAT SHEET” for you number lovers. It shows the individual row and stitch counts in detail, along with a breakdown of how many stitches are in between each ridge of puff stitches so you can be sure you’re on the right track and growing your shawl evenly!

I try and make sure I provide helpful tools in my patterns for every learning style, so whether you’re visual and like a lot of photo helps, or more mathy and like the written numbers bits, I hope you will find something in there to help you through the pattern at each step! And I am always available for pattern support!

I hope you’re inspired to try out the Forgotten Lore Shawl for yourself! If you’re reading this the week of the pattern release, this pattern, along with all my others will be 20% off in my Ravelry shop (no coupon code needed) Monday Sept 7th- Wednesday Sept 9th (2020) in celebration of the Forgotten Lore Shawl being my 20th pattern!

If you do make one don’t forget to tag me on instagram – and use #forgottenloreshawl and #fiberandfoxmakes so we can all enjoy your version with you! Happy making, my friends!

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