A Tour of My Yarn Room

by Isabella

Posted on January 24, 2020

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In the last few months we have converted our spare bedroom into my “art studio”…aka my office…aka a room in which I store all my beautiful things but don’t actually work in (as I write this curled up under a blanket on our living room couch!). It’s still definitely a work in progress but I thought I would take you along on a little “tour” of my new set up! I always find it so interesting to see how other people organize their yarn and craft/art supplies- here’s a little peek into how I go about organizing my craft room and my yarn stash!

Let me start off by saying, this room is a work in progress! Like I said already, it was previously a guest room space but it isn’t one of the rooms in our “fixer upper” that we’ve redone…YET! Personally I wouldn’t have chosen this bright blue wall situation, or really any design element in the room, but as time and budget allows hopefully someday I’ll be able to make it a little more to my liking! But for right now, it’s very much a usable space and it’s important to remember to always work with what you’ve already got! I’m grateful to have a space to call my own!

Without further ado, come tour my colorful and vibrant “art studio” with me!

My recording nook:

Bella's Custom Crochets recording nook in her yarn room

This is the spot you’re probably the most familiar with! This comfy vintage orange chair (a side of the road find!) is the perfect cozy spot to hit record in front of my yarn cubbies (Kohls? I think? Maybe Target? It was like $50 for a 6 cube shelf! Amazon carries a version too.). In the cubbies I store the majority of the yarn that I use in my inventory line for fall and winter markets! It’s quite bare right now, at least compared to the start of 2019!

One cubby currently is housing my small knit and crochet book collection, as well as some scrappy bits. The embroidered ottoman was gifted to me (from Home Goods) a few years back and the throw pillows are thrifted!

My yarn storage:

Bella's Custom Crochets yarn storage dresser

All my worsted weight acrylics left over from other projects are stored in this dresser (another side of the road score…you seeing a theme here?). One of my favorite (& cheap!) methods for jazzing up a piece of furniture I haven’t gotten around to refinishing is to get it some spiffy new knobs! These I think were off Amazon (I can’t find the exact ones, but I love these too!) a few years ago but Hobby Lobby, Anthropologie and World Market as also some of my favorite cute draw pull resources!

I don’t use a lot of worsted acrylics any more, but when I started out my crocheting I did a ton of amigurumi and kid’s animal hats. The majority of this dresser is left overs from those days, but I do still find ways to work the scraps into projects here and there! And of course, they are arranged in ROY G BIV order because…they must be.

Bella's Custom Crochets hanging yarn organization (toddler "proof!")

I keep my precious hand-dyed skeins high up out of reach of any curious toddlers (aka my daughter) in a few of these hanging (fruit? garden? These are similar!) baskets my mom thrifted me. But I’m sure you could find something similar at like Hobby Lobby!

Bella's Custom Crochets fiber arts books collection

Miscellaneous yarn scraps are throughout the room in all sorts of baskets, sorted in one way or another that makes sense to me. This yellow one is a vintage egg basket from an antique fair that currently houses some of my bulky weight acrylic scraps. I use these a lot in tutorials cause they are nice bright, solid colors that you can see easily!

Bella's Custom Crochets yarn cake cake stand yarn display

If you haven’t figured out already, I am all about using the unusual to organize my space. This is a dessert rack that I keep some of caked up scraps (cake rack for yarn cakes- get it!?) and a couple skeins on!

My hooks and needles storage:

Bella's Custom Crochets crochet hook and knitting needle storage

In another random assortment of vintage and thrifted jars and jugs are all my hooks and needles. I like having them out displayed and categorized by their use and purpose! My foxy mugs are great for organizing the tools of my trade too!

Bella's Custom Crochets: boss babe

I love this Boss Babe sign I first saw on the Drunk Knitter Podcast- as a fellow glasses gal I immediately went to Hobby Lobby and got one when I saw Saffiyah’s!

My “desk:”

My “desk” is a re-purposed kitchen table we acquired when some friends moved, but I love the large, wide work surface. It’s placed right in front of two windows so I get lots of bright lighting to take my photos and film tutorials! Not pictured (besides the whole desk! Whoopsss!) is my chair that needs a new crochet cushion, my overhead table top phone mount for recording tutorials and crochet action photos, and the ball winder and swift I keep attached to my desk for ease of use!

Bella's Custom Crochets podcast notes

A must have: my podcast notebook (because believe it or not, I would ramble even MORE if I didn’t at least write down a rough bit of show notes!).

Bella's Custom Crochets desk organization

While maybe not the best use of surface space, I love having an actual paper desk calendar (you can find mine here). I always used one in high school and I have always loved a good color coded calendar system! I’ve tried planners in the past, but I always end up slacking off a couple months into the year.

Other yarn/craft storage:

Bella's Custom Crochets craft room storage

On top of my yarn dresser are these friends. In the cookie jars I store my DK and Fingering scraps, a jar of stitch markers, jelly jars holding my tags (made locally for me by Pat Carroll Designs), and an amigurumi cactus pincushion!

Bella's Custom Crochets craft room storage

I seem to have a strange assortment of trunks and chests, but thankfully they all stack up rather nicely. The bottom one was my toy box as a child! These all house some long term works in progress, “ugly” stuff like camera/video gear and my scale, and the basket on top is all the items I plan to talk about in upcoming podcast episodes! Off to the side there you can peep my “blocking mats” (aka exercise mats I got super cheap at Aldi) and a collection of totes and project bags!

Bella's Custom Crochets yarn gallery wall

My gallery wall is definitely a work in progress, but it already gives me a lot of joy as is! And in truth, it’s mostly an attempt to cover over a lot of ugly nail holes and blemishes already in my shockingly blue walls…

So to hide the hideousness I’ve enlisted art from my favorite “artist” (again, my kid), baskets made by my husband’s grandmother, some special yarn to be used in upcoming projects, drawing by me, laser cut by my husband, sticker by my favorite maker Block21 Prints, and a sweet little bird ornament from Heart Stone Gallery that you can see only in the photo below!

Bella's Custom Crochets craft room storage

Below the gallery wall is my beloved dry sink. I got it for $10 at an auction house I used to work out! It houses all my other random crafty supplies like paints and beads! The felt cubes from Joann house my Color Made Easy scraps to be worked into other inventory projects as needed! And a paper sorter for …sorting paper!

Bella's Custom Crochets mannequin with Dandelion Dance Shawl

And lastly, my girl Boleyn (got her when a local store closed, but this one is pretty much the same) sits on top of my filing cabinet, looking fab in my Block21 Prints shirt (everyone needs one!) and my Dandelion Dance Shawl sample, along with my little box that I stash my month yarn labels in to be tallied up for my #myyearinyarn photo!

I hope you all enjoyed a little look into my creative space! If anything, I hope I’ve inspired you to use the space and items that you have to organize your precious craft supplies in a way that brings you joy!

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