The Tidal Fades Shawl Crochet Along, Week 4

by Isabella

Posted on September 27, 2019

Welcome back to the CAL, my Tidal Fading friends! This is our final week! I hope you’ve enjoyed the pattern up to this point! I’m loving seeing everyone’s color choices! Keep the instagram posts coming! If you missed the previous weeks of the crochet along, you can find them here: week one (intro/the materials needed!), week two (exclusive interview with the dyer behind Laine and Lotus), and week three (the first 3 sections of the shawl)

This week we are wrapping up with the final sections of the the shawl, adding the edging, and creating the tassels! Next Friday I will be announcing the winner, randomly chosen from the #tidalfadescal hashtag, over on Instagram! I am meeting up with Nicole of Cole Mama Creations this weekend to pick out the perfect yarn bowl from her line of beautifully hand-dyed, hand-sewn masterpieces for the winner! Even if you haven’t finished your shawl yet, you’re still eligible to win, so keep posting! And don’t forget if you use Laine and Lotus yarns, I’m counting it as a double entry!

If you’d like to have the complete pattern in a neat, printable, saveable, full picture version, you can find the Tidal Fades Shawl in my Etsy and Ravelry shops!

Without further ado, picking up where we left off last week, the remainder of the Tidal Fades Shawl DK pattern!

~Second Fade~

59: Continue working pattern in COLOR C.

60: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

61-62: Continue working pattern in COLOR C.

63-64: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

65-67: Continue working pattern in COLOR C.

68-70: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

71-74: Continue working pattern in COLOR C.

75: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

76-77: Continue working pattern in COLOR A.

78: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

~Third Tide~

79-86: Continue working pattern in COLOR C.

~ Crab Stitch Edging~

87: in COLOR A CH 1, SC in same stitch, SC in each st and ch (no longer in linen stitch) down one side to point, 4 SC into point, SC up the other side, 2 SC into last stitch. DON’T TURN.

88. Still in COLOR A, CH 1, begin the crab stitch by working a SC in the same stitch, but to the right of your hook rather than the left as normal (essentially, working SC backwards). Continue crab stitch across, 2 crab stitches into last stitch. Cut yarn.

I recommend lightly wet blocking (tutorial here) your shawl before adding tassels! Weave in all ends.

~Optional Beaded Tassels~

*for a photo tutorial of how I make my yarn tassels, you can also see this post!

1. Find an object roughly the length that you want your tassels to be. Or, cut a scrap of cardboard to be your desired length! (I used cardboard roughly 5” but length is entirely up to you!)

Wrap your yarn loosely around that object, lots ! I did 50 wraps of Color A first and then 10 wraps of Color B on top, but choose colors based on your preference and yarn availability! The number of wraps is completely a matter of preference, depending on how fluffy of a tassel you are going for! Just make sure if you’re planning on multiple tassels you count how many wraps you do, so you can be sure they all turn out the same size!

Thread your yarn needle with approximate 10” of yarn, and sew it through your tassel. Tie it tightly around all your wraps.

Slide tassel off object and cut all the yarn at the bottom edge.

With another piece of yarn (I used Color C), wrap around your tassel. I usually wrap the yarn close to the top 1/3 of the tassel, and typically about 6-10 times. Again, this depends on preference!

Trim all your ends, for a nice even, fluffy tassel!

Thread your beads onto the top of the tassel with a yarn needle. I like to secure my beads in place with a knot on top.Sew tassel securely onto a corner of the shawl.

Repeat steps 1-8 for second (or even a third!) tassel

SHARING IS CARING! I would love to see your Tidal Fades Shawl! Follow along with me on Instagram – – & tag me in your finished pieces! Or use tags #tidalfadesshawldk & #fiberandfoxmakes so we all can enjoy your new shawl along with you! And don’t forget the #tidalfadescal hashtag to be entered to win! Thank you for crocheting along with me! I hope you’ve enjoyed the process of creating your beautiful new shawl!

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