The Tidal Fades Shawl Crochet Along, Week 3

by Isabella

Posted on September 20, 2019

Welcome back, tidal faders! I hope you’ve enjoyed the CAL content up to this point, and that you all have all your pretty yarns in hand, caked up and ready to go! Today we will be covering the 1st half of the shawl pattern (make sure to come back next week for the final piece!). If you missed week 1 (with all the materials details and CAL instructions) or week 2 (an interview with the dyer behind Laine and Lotus) those will continue to remain on the blog!

As always, if you’re the impatient type, or if you like a neat and tidy printed version, the complete DK weight Tidal Fades Shawl Pattern is available in both my Etsy and Ravelry shops (the worsted weight version can also be found on Etsy and Rav!)

Without further ado, lets just those shawls started!


Abbreviations & Special Stitches:
CH: chain
SC: single crochet
SL ST: Slip stitch

Linen Stitch (also called moss or granite stitch):
The linen stitch is a repetition of chains and single crochets. Stitches are worked into the ch-1 space formed by the ch-1’s in the previous row. You are single crocheting BETWEEN single crochets into the chain spaces, giving you a staggered & stretchy woven look. Stitches are worked into the ch-1 spaces from the row prior, NOT the loops of the actual stitches

The Crab Stitch: this stitch is worked exactly like a single crochet, only you are working into the stitch to the right of your hook, instead of the left. Essentially, you are single crocheting backwards. This creates an almost rope like edging!

14 rows worked in pattern = 4” measured from top center to bottom point

Finished dimensions:
BEFORE blocking: 50” across top edge & 25” from top center to bottom point AFTER blocking: 60” across top & 28” from top center to bottom point

This advanced beginner level triangle shawl pattern is laid out in sections of “tides” (solid color blocks) and “fades” (sections where you will be “blending” two colors in with each other). Although I have included my row counts, you can easily customize the size of the shawl by adding rows throughout. Because the linen stitch is used throughout the entire shawl up until the edging, stitch count is unimportant. If your yarn yardage allows you can definitely increase the number of rows in the tide sections to elongate your shawl, or even continue the fade sections longer than recommended! Do keep in mind if you intend to make tassels you will want some yarn left over!

~First Tide~

1: With COLOR A CH 4, SL ST into first CH to join, forming a loop.

2: CH 1, 2 SC into loop, CH 3, SC 2 into loop. Turn (continue turning work throughout).

3: CH 1 (counts as first SC throughout), SC into same stitch, CH 1, SC into the CH 3 space from previous row, CH 3 (to start creating the point of the triangle), SC again into the CH 3 space from the previous row, CH1, 2 SC in last stitch.

4: CH 1, SC into same stitch, CH 1, SC into CH 1 space from previous row (thus beginning the linen stitch) CH 1, SC into the point, CH 3, SC into point again, CH 1, SC into the chain space from the previous row, CH 1, 2 SC in last stitch.

*the remainder of the body of the triangle shawl will be worked in this way, working the main stitches in linen stitch and chaining 3 each time the point is reached. Your triangle shape will be formed by this point and the extra stitch in the beginning and ending stitch of each row. Included is how I formed my stripes/fades, but feel free to customize your fade to your liking!

5-30. Continue working pattern in COLOR A until you reach 30 rows (forming first “tide” section), then begin first “fade” section. Cut yarn as needed throughout.

~First Fade~

31: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

32: Continue working pattern in COLOR A.

33-34: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

35-36: Continue working pattern in COLOR A.

37-39: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

40-42: Continue working pattern in COLOR A.

43-46: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

47-50: Continue working pattern in COLOR A.

(Note that fade sections alternate between two colors in a 1 row, 1 row, 2 rows, 2 rows, 3 rows, 3 rows, 4 rows, 4 rows pattern flawlessly blending your tide sections into each other! Note, however, that the 2nd fade section differs slightly in the last 4 rows from this rhythm.)

~Second Tide:

51-58: Continue working pattern in COLOR B.

…to be continued!

Now you’re well on your way to having a stunning new shawl! Make sure to come back next week for the remainder of the shawl pattern and for the beaded tassel tutorial! I can’t wait to see all your posts full of Tidal Fades prettiness! Keep ’em coming!

Definitely make sure you are using the hashtag #TIDALFADESCAL on instagram to get yourself in the running for winning a beautiful rope yarn bowl from ColeMama Creations (and make sure you have a public account or I won’t see the posts!). And if you’re using Laine and Lotus yarn make sure to mention that in your post, cause I’ll count it as a double entry towards the prize!

But even if you’re not “CAL-ing” along with us, I would love to see your Tidal Fades Shawl any time! Follow along with me on Instagram – – & tag me in your shawls! Or use tags #tidalfadesshawldk & #fiberandfoxmakes so we all can enjoy your new shawl along with you!

To continue on with your Tidal Fades Shawl, you can find the last and final post of the crochet along here: week 4.

COPYRIGHT: Bella’s Custom Crochets, September 2019

The Tidal Fades Shawl pattern & photographs are property of Isabella Tonski of Fiber & Fox (formerly Bella’s Custom Crochets) & may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only. You may not share, or sell this pattern in any way, ‘cause no one likes a copycat. You are more than welcome to sell the finished product, but please never use my photos in doing so! If you wish to sell finished pieces online, please credit Fiber & Fox by including a link to my pattern in your listing. If you have any questions in regards to distribution or translation of this pattern, please contact me by email at

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