Podcast Episode 33: Show Notes!

by Isabella

Posted on June 18, 2021

All the everything from the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 33:





Admin-wise, I will have some exciting yarn shop vlogs coming up the end of this summer! I’ve been asked to go ahead of the I-91 Shop Hop yarn crawl trail and film some shop tours and interviews with all of the 9 shops between New Haven, CT and Putney, VT! The actual shop hop will be taking place August 10-21, 2021, but I will be putting up the vlog tours probably the first week of August! This past weekend I visited Northampton and stopped in at WEBS yarns and Northampton Wools.

Oh, and out of a lack of section to put it in: I am wearing a hoodie by Kelsie of Crafting For Weeks. She just released a summer “Crochet-at-Home Mom” line!


And I’m finally working up something new! I’m using Life in the Long Grass yarn I have been hoarding for…years now. My parents brought it back on a trip to London from Loop London, back when taking trips was a thing people did. I’ve been so scared to “waste” it on something not good enough, it has gone untouched. But I am ready at last to make some magic. I am thinking about incorporating one of my favorites from Fiber for the People too (“Leather” ).

At this point I have the back panel and the 2 front panels, and I am pretty proud of the way I was able to design the front panels to create a vneck, but also be worked in a non-traditional way. Now hopefully one I seam it up and put the ribbing on all continues to go well! Cause I need a mustard cardigan ASAP.


I’ve also finished a test KNIT of the Olori Sweater Tee for Lanre of La’Knits Apparel. She’s an accomplished accessory designer, but this is her first ever garment pattern, and I am so glad to be taking part in it! The Olori (means “Queen” in the Nigerian dialect of Yoruba) Sweater Tee is size inclusive (up to 5XL), and the perfect beginner raglan pattern to dip your toes into garment knitting! It is worked from the top down with very simple raglan increases, and the whole thing is ONE piece. Like you don’t even pick up for sleeves later. Just. One. Piece!

I haven’t blocked it yet, but other than that, it’s complete! I love the LOOK of the yarn, but I am not sure my yarn content was the best pick for a tee. I am using Yarn Bee Wrapology Hues in the color “Passionflower.” The pattern is written for worsted weight, but I was unable to find something I loved in a worsted weight, so I decided to hold 2 strands of sport weight double to meet gauge, and while the look is BEAUTIFUL, it is very, very heavy and dense. Wrapology is a 90% cotton, 10% polyester blend, and at a relatively closed gauge this will definitely be a weighty finished object. Absolutely no fault of the pattern, just a matter of my yarn pick. Lanre made hers in Lionbrand Chainette which is a super light and airy alpaca blend- probably a much better pick! All that said, I do REALLY like this yarn, just maybe to heavy for a summer. It will be super cute with a cardigan (maybe even the one I’m designing?!) or jacket over it come Fall!


I’ve been building up my box of socks for 2021 (you can check out all the socks I knit in 2020 in this video!) and I am onto another pair! Always got to have one! This is just my go to on-the-go project now I guess! Making up something something using some scraps of yarn I dyed with avocado and some left overs of Megs and Co “I Could Live in Hope.” Completely winging in on a pattern. One done, and the leg almost finished on the second.

Also working on a no-pattern, non-design baby blanket as a gift for a family member. Just doing some basic bobbles in worsted weight Yarn Bee. Didn’t swatch, probably should have, but…we are freestyling


I went back and forth on sharing the items I got on my vlog trips before the vlogs go live, but the fact I want to WORK with the yarns and not hoard them until September swayed me.

I grabbed 2 gorgeous naturally dyed with Buckthorn from Urth Yarns (spoiler: the vlogs will contain a lot of me just stoking yellow and purple yarns) and 4 fifty gram skeins of Cloudborn in a purple shade. I had intended to make some summer tanks with both, but now I am kind of thinking I want to combine with another naturally dyed skeins in my stash to make an Elfmail by Dani Miga. Or a colorwork something? I cant commit. Help me. Fingering weight on the heavier side/sport weight 2 color patterns? Ideas.

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me! See you in Episode 34!

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