Podcast Episode 31: Show Notes!

by Isabella

Posted on May 21, 2021

All the everything from the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 31:





Hey there! I’m Bella, the artist formerly known as Bella’s Custom Crochets. I’ve rebranded- welcome to Fiber & Fox! It’s been a huge journey getting to this point and I am so excited to be here!

We did did a giveaway in episode 29, and I picked a winner in episode 30, but that person never got in contact with me. So, a NEW winner will be announced in this episode! If it’s you, email/DM me! I WANT TO GIVE YOU STUFF!


The Graynbow Shawl FINALLY has an edging and is FINALLY in testing! First off, obsessed with the edging. I went through a bunch of my stitch dictionaries trying out different edgings, but I just could not find one that I felt was meshing well with the rest of the textures of the shawl. After a lot of trial and error I came up with this one and I am so glad I persisted. Cause…it’s awesome.

The shawl will be in testing through Mid June, so I am hoping to have the pattern out to you in end of June/Early July- stay tuned!

And I’m finally working up something new! I’ve got some little, bitty swatches going in some Life in the Long Grass yarn I have been hoarding for…years now. My parents brought it back on a trip to London from Loop London, back when taking trips was a thing people did. I’ve been so scared to “waste” it on something not good enough, it has gone untouched. But I am ready at last to make some magic. I am thinking about incorporating one of my favorites from Fiber for the People too (“Leather” ).

Well… no objects yet, but I’ve at least swatched and done a bunch of math. Maybe, just maybe a cardigan pattern coming at you…soonish. We know I will I will make and frog and refrog it several times, so prepare to hear about it.


I’ve been building up my box of socks for 2021 (you can check out all the socks I knit in 2020 in this video!) and with all the computer stuff and admin I have been working on, socks have been an easy mindless project to reach for.

I finished my Tessellar Socks by Ewe Knit and ended up gifting them to my mom for Mother’s Day (big hit, btw). This was my first time doing mosaic (slip stitch color work!) knitting and overall I think they came out pretty good. My honeycomb/hexagons are a bit wonky but… it’s a free pattern if you’re looking to up your knit sock game and try something a little different! I used Paton’s Kroy in the color Coal and Premier Serenity Sock in the color Chili using my Hiya Hiya flyers in a US 1.5 (affiliate links).

Oh, and PS, to make finding all my favorite things (well, at least those on amazon) a little bit easier, I’ve organized all the products I use and love – like needles and hooks – into an Amazon Storefront. All my Maker Mama Boss Lady tools and products, all in neat and tidy lil lists! Also, an affiliate program. But I so do appreciate when you guys use my links to purchase!

I finished ANOTHER pair (I know!) of scrappy socks. These I am calling my scrappy happy socks. I am helically knitting two left over skeins of “Seagull” by Fiber for the People from my Tenga top, with some bits and pieces of other left overs (“Meteor Shower” by Laine & Lotus and “Dijon” by A Chick That Knitz). The main body of the socks I did in a 3×2 ribbing, and then switched to a striping pattern. Truthfully, it makes the fit a little odd going from the tight ribbing, into the wider, looser stockinette toe, but just so happens I have really wide toes, so it works! And I think the striped giant toe section is kinda adorable. (Again, hiya Hiya flyers, but is seems like the size 1s are always sold out on Amazon.


Started another pair of socks! This is just my go to on-the-go project now I guess! Making up something something using some scraps of yarn I dyed with avocado and some left overs of Megs and Co “I Could Live in Hope.”

Also, totally unrelated, but how cuuuuttee is this cat-proofed (well, at least as far as chewing and vomitting goes…) succlent I painted at our favorite local pottery cafe The Firestone? Not gonna lie, kinda impressed with m’self. Gonna photo prop it up often with this cutie!


Not sure if you guys recall, but in January I decided to really invest into my crochet business and join Pam Grice’s (The Crochetpreneur) Crochet Business Academy. And it has been REVOLUTIONARY. Like, no regrets. At all. I’m about 70% through the core of the program (with so many other resources to dive into too) and it has honestly been the best thing I have done for my business. Ever. I am going to have a full video coming on my “review” of the Crochet Business Academy coming in a few weeks, but I wanted to invite you guys to join in on Pam’s Crochet Business Summit!

This event is totally free, unless you choose additional upgrades, and is perfect for anyone with a crochet business, be it designing, blogging, or selling finished items, or even those just wondering if they COULD run a successful crochet business (spoiler: you can). It also will definitely have lots of carry over into knitwear businesses too! It’s going to be an amazing way to get a lil taste of what the Crochet Business Academy has to offer, and also give you so many tools and resources (and support! and inspiration!) to run your own crochet business, be it well established, or only a what if!

June 3-7th, with a bonus day on the 8th. 30 Industry experts. (Chantal from Knitatude? Melissa from Woods and Wool? Courtney from Creations by Courtney? Tamara from Moogly? Alysha from Littlejohn Yarns? NAMES YOU KNOW!). As well as a private facebook group and an amazing sense of understanding what you do (these people GET IT!) and COMMUNITY.

6 prerecorded, roughly 30 minute each session, every day, for 5 whole days. ALL FREE. You can pick and choose which sessions will be helpful to you, or you can do like Pam and book ya’self a hotel and just bask in all the crochet boss goodness. Each session will be prerecorded, but if you catch them at their scheduled times you can chat with the group and the speaker in the video in a chat box! Or, if that doesn’t work with your schedule, each of the 6 daily sessions will be available for 36 hours after they launch at Noon EST each day.

I fully trust Pam to encourage and equip you, and I know anyone she’s invited will do the same. There are options to upgrade to the All Access Pass have lifetime access to the sessions and all the worksheets and materials, as well as the option to get all of that AND to be added to some private zoom calls, win prizes and get a bundle of ebooks, PDFs, checklists, and all manner of resources with the Crochet Business POWER PACK. But even if you are only in it for the FREE Summit, I can say you will not be disappointed. You can sign up through my invite link here (full disclosure: this is an affiliate link and I will receive a small commission off of any purchases beyond the free tier. But I fully stand behind this and want you there, with or without any kickbacks for me!)

The NEW and improved version of CBA, with new content and new perks, will also be opening up June 9th, and I cannot recommend enough that you join in if you are looking to take your business to the next level (before the 9th, you are welcome to jump on the waitlist!). And I had a business for about 3 years before Pam entered the scene and I STILL cannot believe how helpful it has been for me and Fiber & Fox. But the summit is definitely an awesome place to start and get a preview of what you are missing out on! JOIN! JOIN IT ALL!

*All CBA and CBA Crochet Business Summit links used here are my affiliate links, and I’d love if you are gonna join in, if you do so from there!*


Picked ANOTHER winner. Contact me this time!

That’s it! Thanks for hanging out with me! See you in Episode 32!

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