Podcast Episode 23: Show Notes!

by Isabella

Posted on December 4, 2020

Show notes for the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 23!

*note: Bella’s Custom Crochets is now FIBER & FOX!


Vlogmas! I’ve decided on doing weekly, rather than daily, vlogmas videos leading up to Christmas! The first vlog will be going up this Sunday at 10am EST. You’ll be able to find all the vlogmas episodes on the Vlogmas playlist on my channel.


*should mention, I am wearing the There & Back Again Cowl in this episode! The pattern is free on my blog!

The Herringtone Marliday cowl pattern releases on Monday, Dec 7th. Stay tuned for the pattern drop for more info!

As of this episode I had “finished” the Hope and a Future Wrap…but after blocking the next day, the dyer Meg of Megs and Co and I chatted and decided together it was TOO huge (almost 100″!?). So, I am now remaking it, in a sort of shrunken down version. But I chatted a bunch about yarn and how much I am loving the overall design in this episode! I will be looking for testers towards the end of the year/January!


My only finished objects for this episode were a set of Christmas stockings for my husband, my daughter and I! I used a NEW pattern by Sheepish Stitches called the Winter Braid Stocking. Made to pattern, only change was I made my daughter’s in a size larger hook, and I had to fudge the numbers on the furry top cause I bought the wrong size yarn! I used Color Made Easy “Anthurium” by Lionbrand for the main color, and Lionbrand Go For Faux (should have been the normal, but I bought the thick and quick) in “Mink” and “Husky” (affiliate links)


I’m working on a Little Worsted Sock Arms by TellyBeanKnits for my daughter. I am using Knitpicks Swish Worsted in “Squirrel Heather” and Felici Worsted “Cloudy with a Chance of Rainbows.” I love how the finished pattern photos look and I SO want to love this pattern but I am struggling, funnily enough, with the worsted weight yarn. I think I’ve gotten so used to knitting and crocheting with lighter weight yarns that my hands don’t know what to do with worsted weight and my tension goes all wonky. Hoping it all blocks out and looks as adorable as the pattern photos!

And lastly, under no category in particular, I talked about an organization I really love called IMPACT NATIONS. If you happen to be looking for a cause to give to this Christmas season, this is a worthy one. Every year as a maker mama boss lady I like to sew into another woman’s business dreams and potential with Impact Nations. I go into more detail in the episode, but I encourage you to check out their website and consider giving back this year. Some gifts are as small as $5 or go all the way up to $600- every amount counts and truly goes toward changing and rescuing lives.

And that’s it for 23! I am hoping to get in one more podcast episode before Christmas, but make sure to check out the Vlogmases (vlosmasi?) too! Merry early Christmas!

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