About Me

Welcome to Fiber & Fox - I’m Bella!

I’m a Connecticut dweller, wife to a computer whisperer, mama to the best spicy toddler ma’am in the land, a lover of written words, a cat (& all critters) lady, a crafter & creator, & above all else, a follower of Christ. I have been crocheting non-stop for roughly 14 years, and pursuing crochet as my career since 2018 (For more about my crochet story, see this post!). I know I was creatively created to create- and believe you were too! Through modern and vibrant crochet patterns, helpful resources, and authentic Maker Mama Boss Lady content, Fiber & Fox will encourage and facilitate that same creativity in you.

Here’s what you can expect from Fiber & Fox:


I was creatively created to create. Making is at the core of who I am. My aim is to take my need to create and with it represent crochet and the fiber arts in an accessible, modern, relevant and vibrant way. I believe that same Divine creative potential is in each and every person, and I strive to encourage and facilitate that through crochet..


Ever feel like you have no idea what you are doing? Kind of just making it up as you go? Yeah, me too. As a mama and a maker, I generally feel like kind of a mess and I aim to be genuine enough to tell you about it. Crochet is a refuge for me. Being able to take my hopes, dreams, worries, fears and prayers and tie them all up in yarn is often what holds me together. You’re welcome to join me as we grow and learn together.


My goal is to create patterns that make you feel incredible, make your friends say “you made that?!” (and make the knitters go “wait, that’s crochet?!”). In addition, I will provide resources that aid you in your maker journey and content that welcomes into a place of belonging within the fiber arts community.

Here on my blog you’ll find crochet tips & tricks, some of my favorite yarny things and people, notes for my YouTube Podcast, as well as my original patterns and designs! For more on me and my story, check out this post. For now, you can find all of my crochet patterns on Ravelry and Etsy- but the Fiber & Fox shop is comingsoon!

Thank you for being a part of my journey & supporting me as I pursue my dreams! Behind any handmade item is a passionate maker, & behind anything with the Fiber & Fox brand, you can know that there is one happy maker mama boss lady, making the art of crochet modern & finding joy, peace, and purpose, one stitch at a time.