Quick Ear Saver/Mask Extender Crochet Pattern

by Isabella

Posted on April 17, 2020

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These are some strange times we are living in right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic running rampant. Some of us have the privilege of staying home, mostly out of germ’s way, but of course there are those who are essential who are out risking it for the rest of us. I cannot even the imagine the toll of that on you folks, and I thank you.

I know many of us having been looking for ways to contribute to the COVID-19 cause, and THIS IS IT, CROCHETERS! One of the biggest issues (of many) with our health care professionals constantly needing to have their medical masks on is the chaffing and rubbing of the elastic behind their ears. Long hours day in and day out…if we can help out even in such a tiny way, I say we do it!

Mask extenders/ear savers have been increasingly trending in the crochet community as all of us are looking to do out part. I made up a bunch for some nurse friends and my EMT sister to use along with their masks and I hope you will consider doing the same for the medical professionals in your life! They are SUPER quick to work up and use crafty folk probably have a lot of the materials already stocked up! It’s a quick fix to a big problem- let’s do our part!

Also note, these are fully machine washable in warm/hot water. They can be thrown in a dryer as well in a pinch, but will hold up better over time if they are laid flat to dry. Durability will definitely vary with yarn choice.

Start to finish one of my Button Buddy Ear Savers takes me around 6 minutes to complete, buttons and all! They are great for while you are sitting watching your favorite podcasts and you can batch a whole bunch in a sitting!

I have an inexpensive PDF version of the pattern available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops if you’d like a printable version, complete with photos. The Pattern purchase also includes a printable tags that you can attach with a thank you and care instructions!

Or, prefer video over photo tutorials? I have the complete pattern laid out in this tutorial over on my youtube channel:

Ready to help our heroes? Let’s get started!

Materials Needed:

Worsted /4 weight yarn: Acrylic or cotton! This project is perfect for all those yarn scraps you’ve been saving! Different worsted weight yarns may create slightly different results. Most importantly just make sure whatever hook size you are using that the fabric you are creating is nice and dense to prevent stretching out!

It’s worth noting that certain hospitals are only accepting cotton ones, so before you go wild making a bunch it is definitely a good idea to check for guidelines that apply to your area!

D/3.25 mm crochet hook

**No gauge is provided for this pattern, as it is such a small piece! Make one, and if you’re not happy with the sizing, adjust your hook size and yarn as necessary.Just be sure you’re ending up with a nice tight fabric that won’t stretch out!

The finished ear saver measures around 5″. Although head size obviously varies it seems the optimal size for these is somewhere between 4-6″. If you’d like to adjust the finished size you can easily tweak the number of starting chains and adjust as necessary.



Yarn needle

Thread and sewing needle

2 Buttons:

Buttons can be made of whatever material you like – just like scrap yarn, I’ve got a pretty good scrap button stash at my disposal. You’ll want to pick one that are roughly between the size of a nickel and a quarter. Just not too tiny, so there is plenty for the elastic of the mask to hang onto!

I recommend picking ones with 4 holes, over ones with 2 holes, just cause that seems even more secure to me! And something that will wash well! You want these to LAST!

Optional: cardstock and printer for tags

Stitches and Abbreviations:

CH: chain

HDC: half double crochet

DC: Double Crochet

TR: Treble Crochet

SL ST: slip stitch

SK: skip

st(s): stitch(es)

Skill Level: Beginner

bella's custom crochets' baby with button buddy ear savers


CH 21, HDC in 2nd CH from hook, HDC in next 18 CH sts, (2 HDC, DC, TR, DC, 2 HDC) in last CH…

…Turn/rotate now working across the other edge of the starting CH, HDC in the next 18 CH sts , (2 HDC, DC, TR, DC, 2 HDC) in last st (don’t join.)…

…Rotate again, working across the other edge. SK the first HDC, HDC in next 20 sts,SL ST to join.

Sew in both your ends, snug and tidy, so they don’t pop out with use and pulling!

Sew a button on each end. Make sure to sew them nice and secure as they will get a lot of wear and tear as the masks are taken on and off!

Optional: print the thank you/care instructions tags available in the pattern PDF (maybe add a note of your own on the back?) and attach to the ear saver with additional yarn/string. Hand ’em out (…ship them…drop them off…ya know, safely!) and show those heroes some love!

bella's custom crochets button buddy ear saver free crochet mask extender pattern

*note: the printable tags were slightly edited after photos and now read “machine washable. for best results, lay flat to dry”

Lastly, thank YOU for being willing to be part of this cause! These are such unprecedented times to be living in and I am sure a simple gesture of caring, even as small as a bit of yarn with some buttons, will bring joy to the day of someone who really could use our love and support right now!

SHARING IS CARING! I would love to see your finished pieces! Follow along with me on Instagram @fiber.and.fox – & tag me in your finished pieces! Or use #bccearsaver, #crochetingthroughcovid & #fiberandfoxmakes so we all can enjoy your new makes along with you!

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