Podcast Episode 25: Show Notes!

by Isabella

Posted on January 15, 2021

show notes for podcast episode 25

All the everything for the Fiber & Fox Podcast Episode 25:

*note: Bella’s Custom Crochets is now FIBER & FOX!


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No admin, other than happy New Year- it’s been a while!


The Anouk Pullover is now available! Thanks for all the love you guys have shown the pattern so far!

The Hope & A Future Wrap, in collaboration with Megs & Co Yarn, is now in testing! Hoping to have the pattern out in the end of February.

Next upcoming design I haven’t quite settled on a name for yet, but it will be using my dandelion stitch. It’s going to be a wall hanging with lots of FRINGE. I am on the hunt for the perfect stick to hang it on. Coming in the spring!

Finished Objects:

I hesitate to call these something I “designed” because I am SURE there is a pattern like this out there somewhere, but I finished a pair of improvised scrappy socks and I LOVE them. Except for the 3 trillion ends I now have to weave in. But they were my 11th pair of 2020 in the 11th hour. Maybe this year I’ll make it to 12!

I also finished all the Christmas gifts for the family of Owls and their friends the Foxes and Bunnies that live it the dollhouse upstairs. (I don’t have a picture of it all but the podcast included a dollhouse tour.) Pleased to report all the woodland friends are now very cozy.


I started my first socks of 2021, the Bonfire Socks by Potter and Bloom (free pattern!), using Patons Kroy in “Flax” and Patons Kroy FX in “Clover Colors”. They are simple and mindless enough, but still have a bit of a ribbed textured for the non-slouchy final fit I love! As alway, I am using my favorite Hiya Hiya flyers, but instead of my usual 60 or 64 stitches on a US 1, I am working 56 stitches on a US 1.5, as Kroy tends to be a little closer to sport weight yarn.

I am also working on the Le Pouf Sweater by Beata Jezek (another freebie!). I am holding my breath on the yarn chicken battle, but I THINK I am going to make it. Pray. Otherwise I have to frog the whole thing and try again. But I am loving the yarns I am using from Laine and Lotus, Wip Yarns, and Silver Key Stitches! And the only interchangeable knitting needles I own and love for sweaters, Chiagoo Red Lace.

Acquirings (and such):

A lot of acquiring has happened since we last talked! Between Christmas, and some new year goals, I have lots of stuff I wanted to share. The podcast goes into much more detail on each item, but here’s all the goodies I shared!

For Christmas my family has accepted all I wanted in yarn and yarn related things, and humor me when those are the only things I ask for.

My parents got me a couple of bags which are headed for some yarn (no links, sorry!), my brother got me a set of Chiagoo Twist Shorties- perfect for sleeves (cause I hate magic loop and DPNs!), and JoJo got me some CT naturally dyed yarn by Cup of Tea Yarn to complete my sweater quantity. Emily the fiber bestie (A Rambling Yarn podcast) got me a Knitalotl- it’s a print of an Axolotl (yes, a real thing) knitting by Thomas Ascott. My MIL got me some gift cards to my favorite dyers. And the best one-my daughter (with supervision…by me…) painted me a yarn bowl.

Not really something I acquired, but something I am hoping to aquire knowledge from- I began the Crochetpreneur’s Crochet Business Academy. I am so excited about working through that curriculum, learning from the community and being under Pam’s mentorship! I had printed off her planner PDFs at Staples (got some tabs from Avery) and wanted to get some nice pens and such to make my planner extra fab. I came across this large packs of Non-bleed Pens and Bleed-free hightlighters, which I think are designed for Bibles, but they work great for planner purposes too! And I don’t know what I’ve been doing the last 30 or so years without these Bible highlighters. GAME. CHANGER. They do come in smaller packs as well, but the pricing on the large packs couldn’t be beat! (My favorite journaling bible here).

And that’s episode 25! See you in 26!

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